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Web-savvy WELD moves to Park City

Gina Barker, The Park Record

WELD is not your grandmother’s marketing company. It’s probably more akin to your glacier-skiing, white-rapids-rafting, always-online uncle’s tastes.

The new Park City business focuses on how the web can capture new audiences through a content-based approach to marketing, specifically working with outdoor companies. In other words, WELD works with companies to building a bridge to consumers in the online world, whether its blogging, vlogging or just hanging out in the twit-o-sphere.

"It’s all about creating content," said WELD co-founder and managing partner in Park City, Brandon Holmes. "As consumers we’ve become more sophisticated in how we respond to messages. It’s a content market."

So that’s what Holmes is selling to the outdoor enthusiast business: content. After moving to Salt Lake City in Nov. 2010, Holmes was able to officially set up shop this August.

Holmes would also describe what WELD does as starting a conversation.

"Since the advent of social media, we’re relying on information from peer groups more than ever before," Holmes said.

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Whether it is a trip with OARS, the ‘outdoor adventure’ rafting company, or the largest vacation outfitter on the East Coast, ACE Adventure Resort, WELD takes a company’s sharable stories and figures out a way to get people talking about it online. Maybe it’s a re-post on Facebook. Maybe it’s a video on YouTube. Whatever it is, WELD wants to get people outside.

"This company has such a unique commitment and passion to adventure and wild places," Holmes said. "We believe in the companies we support because we believe the outdoors enriches lives."

"We want to get people outside and into those experiences," he added.

WELD got its start in West Virginia in 2007, but Holmes’ affinity for the outdoors began long before then. Holmes may have never gotten his degree he went back and forth on majors, between sociology and physics but Holmes did work as a ski patroller, spent a few years living out of an RV and was even a caretaker of a system of backcountry huts.

"When you’re working with the outdoor industry, a lot of people have similar stories to share," Holmes said. "Maybe they were ski instructors or paddled the rivers as guides in a former life before they oversaw a marketing budget."

It’s a little hard to put into exact words what it is WELD does in the day-to-day operations, and that’s because every WELD client receives a personalized plan. Holmes said the company works like a giant switchboard filled with buttons, dials and switches.

"Any given dial can be cranked up or down," Holmes said. "If you’re a new company and you haven’t clearly leveled with yourself and your team what your values are and how you’re different, that’s a good place to start with WELD. That’s just the planning dial."

"There’s a production dial, and maybe that’s 90 videos a quarter," he added. "There’s the mobile platform dial, the technology and distribution techniques."

And a customer can choose anything from a sports car to a go-kart on the level of emphasis they want on any one of the dials Holmes said.

With a host of some of the nation’s most popular brands in Park City’s backyard, Holmes said he’s excited about where WELD is headed. Right now, WELD is still meeting with companies and making plans. Tomorrow, WELD may be a Facebook friend.

"We want to become known as a trusted resource in the community," Holmes said. "For now, people are just getting to know us."



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