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Welcome to Bark City?

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

A committee is conducting a poll to name the new Park City dog park at Quinn’s Junction, offering four selections for the name.

The finalists are:

Park City Dog Park

Happy Tails

Waggin’ Tails

Bark City

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Rich Wyman, who is on the committee and is a longtime champion of building a dog park, says he wants a name to be selected by the spring, in time for the first full summer the park will be open. The name with the majority of votes will win.

"Whatever wins, wins," Wyman says.

He prefers the name Park City Dog Park, but he originally offered The Bone Yard as a potential name. It did not make the group of finalists, however.

The committee has not set a deadline for voting. People may send their selection to dogparkpc@yahoo.com. He is unsure how many people will vote.

"It needs a name so we can put up a sign," Wyman says.

The dog park recently debuted in a field off the entry road to the Quinn’s Junction recreation complex and use has been scattered. The opening came several years after dog owners pushed City Hall to build a park where their pets could be allowed off their leashes. Leash laws are in effect on public property elsewhere.

The park covers 1.6 acres just south of the recreation complex’s softball fields. It cost about $26,000 to build the fence and install a drinking fountain.

Many Park City dog owners have long ignored leash laws and let their pets off their leashes in places like the field outside the Park City Library and Education Center and the Rail Trail.

"We’re psyched it’s open," Wyman says.