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Welcome to City Bark, dog owners

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

The Quinn’s Junction dog park will be named City Bark, the winning selection from a field of eclectic names that was under consideration.

A dog park committee submitted City Bark to the Park City Council after holding a naming contest. The City Council then endorsed the name. The City Bark name was the overwhelming choice in a contest held earlier in the year.

Rich Wyman, a member of the committee and a longtime activist who pressed for the dog park to be built, predicts Parkites will not frequently refer to the park as City Bark. They will use a more generic name, he says.

"I think people are just going to call it the dog park," he says. "I don’t care what you call it."

According to a report submitted to Mayor Dana Williams and the City Council, 25 people picked City Bark, nearly as many people who selected the other options combined. The report indicates eight pets also chose City Bark.

The No. 2 finisher was Happy Tails. Other names that received votes include Park City Dog Park, Bark City, Waggin’ Tails and Bark Park.

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The dog park debuted earlier in 2008 after years of scouting for suitable place. It occupies a swath of land off the entryway to the Quinn’s Junction sports complex. There has been scattered use since it opened.

The Quinn’s Junction location was selected after several other places were nixed because they were too close to neighbors.

Wyman says the committee is considering upgrades to the park, and the group has met with a landscape designer to explore options. He says grass and trees could be planted. Foot paths and an obstacle course might be put in as well, Wyman says.

He says a fundraiser is scheduled in March to raise money for the improvements.

When City Hall built the park, there was not money set aside for the improvements the committee is considering. The local government primarily paid for the park’s fence and a drinking fountain, with the price tag set at about $26,000.