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Welcome to the new Marsac Building

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

An open house is scheduled at the Marsac Building on Nov. 5 for City Hall staffers to show off the renovated municipal building.

The event starts at 4 p.m. and lasts until 6 p.m. A Park City Council meeting is scheduled that day as well. Light refreshments will be served, and tours of the building will be available.

Sharon Bauman, who works in the Executive Office, said City Hall staffers will be posted throughout the building to offer information and answer questions about the renovation.

"Everyone who comes in has said they really like the building," Bauman said, describing the redone Marsac Building as oozing history but having a new feel.

The New Deal-era building fully reopened in September after more than a year of work stretching from mid-2008.

The crews put in reinforcements meant to strengthen the building against an earthquake, a key part of the work. Officials say the building should remain standing during an earthquake measuring approximately 7.0 magnitude.

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They also made numerous green upgrades and installed an elevator to make the building more accessible to handicapped people.

They made many other changes to modernize the historic building as well, including putting in new plumbing and electrical systems, and updated the look of the inside, with exposed brick now visible in some spots.

"The Marsac Building is on the National Register of Historic Places and we are proud of staying true to our history while looking to the future with the innovative green building components that were incorporated into the remodel," City Hall said in a November newsletter.

Meanwhile, departments were shifted around in an effort to make the building easier to navigate. The Planning, Building and Finance departments are on the same level, as an example, so people seeking many types of permits can quickly move between them.

The work cost $6.9 million, and it was completed for less than what was expected.

The Marsac Building has received numerous accolades from people who work inside or who have business with the municipal government.

Dave Gustafson, who managed the renovation for City Hall, said he is unsure what sort of reaction the work will elicit.

"I don’t know what the general public, their opinion, is going to be," Gustafson said.

It was the most extensive renovation since the 23,000-square-foot building, which was built as a schoolhouse, was turned into the municipal offices in 1983.

For more information, call Bauman at 615-5184.