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Whiskey Rebels to play Whiskey Wednesday

Acoustic-roots singer and songwriter Kory Quinn passed through Park City a few years ago and liked the vibe.

"I didn’t play a show, but I really liked the atmosphere there and enjoyed the small-town feel," Quinn said during a conference call with The Park Record. "The people were very welcoming, unlike what I came across while I was living in Wyoming. Instead, it seemed like it was a great center of culture and music in Utah."

Quinn is making a return trip to Park City to play music on Wednesday, Dec. 7, at the High West Distillery.

This time around, Quinn will be accompanied by guitarist Colt and banjoist Foster Haney from the group Bitterroot, in a trio called the Low Down Whiskey Rebels.

The Haney cousins met Quinn two years ago while playing a show in Portland, Ore.

"We were at a little café and it was the first time any of us had played there," Foster Haney remembered. "They hired me and Colt and hired Kory separately, but a year after the show, we contacted each other again and started playing music together."

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Since then the trio has embarked on a couple of tours across the country.

"It’s been great," said Colt Haney. "We have similar tastes, but all these different influences that come together when we get together."

Quinn’s love of music started with his older brother’s record collection and blossomed after hearing ska-punk band Sublime’s cover of the Grateful Dead’s "Scarlet Begonias."

"I had my dad listen to it and he turned me on to the Grateful Dead and that opened up so many doors for me, because The Dead played so many styles," he said. "From there, I fell into the standards Neil Young, Bob Dylan and recently John Prine, Townes Van Zandt, Hank Williams and Cab Calloway."

At early ages, the Haneys’ influences were dictated by their fathers, who are identical twins.

"We were raised with the same types of music Eagles, John Prine and Steve Earle that we heard when we were little kids," Foster Haney said.

While his cousin found his way into the ’20s and ’30s jazz, Colt Haney veered towards classic rock.

"In high school, I discovered AC/DC and Tom Petty and worked my way back to the blues and country," he said.

When the three formed Low Down Whiskey Rebels, they decided to tap into a new area of acoustic music.

"It comes down to the songs that each of us have written and brought to the table that all fit the post-prohibition country," Foster Haney said. "We’re all songwriters and we write different songs, but whatever songs we write that fit into that vein works as a Rebels song and the ones the fall outside of those, we keep for our own solo careers."

Adjusting their styles and musical vision came easy for Quinn and the Haneys because of the musical community in Portland, Ore.

"In Bitterroot, when Foster and I play, we get into reggae and funk, but when we collaborate with Kory, we bring out that foot-stomping, roots-Americana that gives us a chance to play something different," Colt Haney said. "We get this new energy from each other and a new vibe develops, and that keeps things spacey for us."

"Also, in Bitterroot, Colt and I work with five different musicians, so we’re always collaborating, and Kory works with the Comrades who will back him up when they can, so all of us are used to playing music with other people."

In fact, some songs written by other Portland artists have found their way into the Low Down Whiskey Rebels’ live shows.

"We do some obscure covers of Neil Young, The Dead and Hank Williams, but also thrown in a couple of songs from our friends to introduce people to them," Colt Haney said. "All the songs we play fit in with what we’re doing."

Because the Low Down Whiskey Rebels have so many songs to choose from, the trio doesn’t like to make set lists.

"We feel the vibe of the venue and the audience and see what kind of reaction we get when playing," Kory said. "We do have a couple of songs that get things started, but we’ll throw in something that fits the audience’s mood."

"From then, the songs are dictated by benevolent leadership by all of us," Colt Haney said. "When one of us has an idea, we’ll throw it out and play it. There are no vetoes."

The Low Down Whiskey Rebels will play at the High West Distillery, 703 Park Ave., on "Whiskey Wednesday," Dec. 7, at 7 p.m. For more information, visit http://www.highwest.com.