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Whole Foods relocation to Landmark Drive approved

Angelique McNaughton

Wednesday, the Summit County Council unanimously approved the relocation of the Whole Foods Market to Landmark Drive.

The decision allows the grocer to relocate its store from Redstone to an 8.5-acre parcel across from Ruby Tuesday’s and Hampton Inn. The new store will be nearly double the size of the existing one. It will be the anchor tenant on the property, adjacent to another building with 18,000 square feet of retail space and 20 affordable housing units.

Centercal properties, the California retail development company in charge of the project, had requested a change in uses for the Canyon Corners development agreement, which governs the property.

Despite their reservations about the traffic impacts the project, specifically the Whole Foods Market, could have on Landmark Drive, council members agreed to the change in uses after a two-hour discussion. Public comment was not taken during the meeting.

"I am still going to have night sweats and heartache because I know we will have a traffic problem before 2040," said Roger Armstrong, County Council member. "I do have concerns about the traffic, but we are also getting substantial community benefits from this so there really is a balance."

As part of the development agreement, the developer has agreed to contribute funds to jumpstart a Kimball Junction bus circulator and bike sharing program.

To view the Summit County Planning Department staff report prepared in anticipation of Wednesday night’s council meeting, go to http://summitcounty.org/DocumentCenter/View/2456.