Winter parking restrictions in place |

Winter parking restrictions in place

Caroline Kingsley, The Park Record

While it may be unseasonably warm for the moment, winter parking and snow storage restrictions are still in place, from Nov. 15 through April 15.

Vehicles in violation of Summit County’s winter parking ordinance are subject to towing.

"There’s basically no parking in any of the streets," Public Works Administrator Kevin Callahan said. "Although, we don’t get aggressive about enforcing them unless there is a storm."

Prior to storms, the Public Works Department tries to notify people through a prerecorded radio message reminding people to immediately remove cars that are parked on the streets.

"The cars make it very difficult, and it’s a safety hazard when we’re not able to clear the roads effectively," Callahan said.

Callahan added there are some residential areas that are an exception to the rule, such as Bear Hollow Village, where there is permanent street parking.

The county also has an ordinance forbidding residents and business owners from depositing snow on public streets in a way that impedes traffic flow.

Instead, people are required to store accumulated snow either on their own properties or neighbors’ properties, with permission.

Callahan acknowledged that it’s a challenge in some areas to find a place to deposit the shoveled or blown snow.

"But we need people to make maximum efforts to do that, because if we don’t, the roads often get narrowed down to one lane," he said.

Over the last couple years, Summit County has taken a more proactive roll in enforcing the parking and snow storage ordinances.

"A lot of the private plow operations used to push the snow out onto the streets and mush it around. But we’ve got them behaving better," Callahan said.

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