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Women take Flight on Main Street Park City


Fans of Chloe Lane returning to Main Street this year on their annual vacation may be surprised to find a photo gallery and Western-attire shop in its place. A new store is open now in the third building at 562 that aims to help those people leave satisfied.

Flight Boutique is run by three women with years of combined experience in the retail and fashion worlds. Cassie McKeachnie has worked in boutiques up and down Main Street for years including at Chloe Lane. Kristen Moss worked in public relations for fashion designers in Los Angeles and Blaire Hayes was a photography stylist in New York.

All three attended the University of Utah and have worked in the same Main Street boutique together. Hayes and Moss went to the same Park City schools and have stayed friends ever since. Even though their paths differed after college, Hayes said coming home and running a Park City business together has always been in the back of their minds. Recently, the timing has been right.

Moss and Hayes knew their taste in fashion was solid, so they began selling merchandise in a Salt Lake City salon and holding trunk shows to build capital. Now they’re opening Flight and say they have everything fans of Chloe Lane want.

It would be hard to confuse the two stores, however. Flight’s 1920s/1930s décor is inspired by Amelia Earhart and the women pioneers in aviation. The name of their limited liability corporation is The Ninety-Nines after the association of women pilots for which Earhart was the first president. But they also have fun with natural flight and designed the ground floor to resemble a forest on a winter day

A slightly different décor for the upstairs and down is intentional. Lower-priced items and those appealing to younger women will be upstairs in The Flight Boutique. The downstairs will carry higher-end items in The Flight Collection.

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"We’ll have tops for $35 and other items for $350," Moss said. She wants women of all ages to fall in love with what they carry.

"Anybody could find something they like in here," McKeachnie said.

For example, Flight carries a wide selection of premium denim that includes some styles that appeal to 16-year-olds, and some that appeal to 66-year-olds, Moss said.

Other than that, the women had trouble defining their style. Quite simply, they have complete confidence in their taste. They even offer personal shopping services and in-home fashion consultations.

Hayes said anyone who follows and knows great fashion, any fan of Elle magazine for example, will appreciate the lines carried there which she estimated at over 65.

But unlike some boutiques that carry everything a certain line or brand offers, Hayes said they’ve hand-picked the best from each line.

"We do the shopping for you," she said. "We don’t want people to come in and think we’re hit and miss. We want hits and hits."

Part of achieving that is a commitment to service, Hayes said. All three have as much experience in retail as they do in fashion and they are committed to making sure people who walk in the door get taken care of.

Even though the ladies are adding another boutique to a shopping district already populated with galleries, real-estate offices and boutiques, the women say they aren’t entering the district with a competitive spirit.

"We’ve really enjoyed opening in a small town where everyone wants you to succeed," Moss said. "The local morale is really high."

Hayes said they’ve also been in contact with the other boutiques and plan on participating on group marketing and promotion efforts to make Park City the place to go for fashion.

Flight Boutique and Collection

562 Main Street


Grand Opening Nov. 13 from 5 to 10 p.m. Light refreshments served by Chef Jason Brumm