Young filmmakers win silver with ‘The Weatherman’ |

Young filmmakers win silver with ‘The Weatherman’

Winning a silver medal for high achievement in the 2011 Park City Film Music Festival is an honor in itself, but to think the award went to a film created mostly by high-school students is more impressive.

The Park City REEL School, a branch of the Park City ARTS High School, took home the medal for a six-minute music video called “The Weatherman.” (See accompanying story for a partial list of winners).

The film is about a day in the life of a dollar bill and is highlighted by the music of Utah’s own jazz band, the Orbit Group.

Connor Weatherly, 14, served as the film’s director of photography.

“We originally decided to make the film for the LDS Film Festival’s 24-Hour Filmmaking Marathon back in January,” Weatherly told The Park Record. “We had to come up with the idea, the score, the cast and film and edit it in 24 hours. That’s how the film was created.”

The crew began filming at 11:30 a.m. and finished at 5 p.m., and then did the editing for the next 12 hours.” He said.

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Julie Touchet, a student at Brigham Young University, helped with the direction.

“After going through the LDS Film Festival, where we didn’t win anything, we decided to fix the film up,” Touchet said. “There were some little things we wanted to change before we put it on line.

“After the fixing, we watched it and liked what we did, so when the Park City Film Music Festival came about, we submitted it to them.”

The 2011 Park City Film Music Festival, which ran May 20 through 30, accepts films that have been screened in other film festivals.

Park City ARTS High School artistic director Pam Lockwood, who produced the film, stumbled upon the music for the score.

“One of our teachers, Josh Francis, plays the trumpet in the Orbit Group,” Lockwood said. “So when I was asked to find some music, I went online and did some exploring. I fell in love with the music and asked Josh if we could use it.”

The music was perfect, Lockwood said.

“There was something moving about it,” she said. “It’s not slow and it’s not fast, but has a drive to it. The music seemed drive the film.”

Even the music’s dynamics gelled with the peaks and valleys of the films narrative, Touchet said.

“The music, for the most part, fit with the way we outlined the story,” she said. “There were times when we did have to work around the music, but we didn’t have to change the flow of the story.”

The silver medal came as a shock to all involved, Touchet said.

“We were really surprised at the award,” she said. “We were all excited.”

“Since we didn’t win anything in the LDS Film Festival, this one came as a surprise,” Weatherly said. “I do believe since the music is so good, it helped us win the award.”

“We follow the Robert Rodriguez school of thought – just get your camera and get out there and film,” Lockwood said. “We don’t have tons of equipment, but we have great advisors who help the kids develop their talent. I think this award tells it all.”

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