Your housing situation, Parkites, in detail, please |

Your housing situation, Parkites, in detail, please

Jay Hamburger The Park Record

The survey starts with a simple question inquiring about someone’s housing situation — does someone own a place, rent one or have other living arrangements.

City Hall has posted a questionnaire online seeking details as part of an effort to update the municipal government’s overall housing plan, something that the state requires every five years.

The 20-question survey, which is not scientific, will be available on the City Hall website until Saturday. Rhoda Stauffer, the municipal staffer assigned to affordable and work force housing issues, said the results will eventually be made public. She said the numbers could be released later in the summer, as the Park City Council is asked to approve a housing plan.

Stauffer said the survey is "very important" to her since most of the statistics she analyzes normally are culled from census results and economic development projections. Those data sets do not provide opinions from Parkites like the survey will, she said.

The results of the survey, she said, will provide guidance about the housing options City Hall should pursue for the community. She said the results could suggest whether leaders should focus on building work force or other sorts of affordable housing or whether the local government should focus on programs like mortgage assistance or rentals.

Some of the survey questions include:

  • what are the barriers to purchasing a home, with answers that include affordability and the size of homes in someone’s budget
  • what someone considers an affordable payment on a home, with answers including monthly payments ranging from less than $900 to more than $2,500.
  • how someone commutes to work, with answers including driving alone, carpooling, taking a bus, walking or riding a bicycle.
  • how many people live within a household

    "Your input will help shape housing solutions such as assisting renter households wanting to become homeowners, identifying unique issues in resort communities, and understanding what factors influence housing choices," the survey says.

    Housing issues have long challenged City Hall leaders, who have struggled to provide living options in the state’s most expensive real estate market. The local government has built work force housing and assisted in other projects. It also requires work force housing be built as part of some development approvals.

    The survey is available on City Hall’s website, Select the ‘Park City Municipal Seeks Input on Housing Needs’ link under the ‘News’ section.

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