Your street? Park City roads will get 5,460 tons of new asphalt |

Your street? Park City roads will get 5,460 tons of new asphalt

Jay Hamburger The Park Record

The Park City Public Works Department has finalized a list of road sections that will be upgraded this year with new overlays or sealants, a lineup that involves streets across much of the city.

The Park City Council recently authorized four contracts for the work totaling roughly $750,000. The authorizations came after an appeal was lodged by one of the firms interested in a contract. The appeal was based on the bidding process and was rejected.

A firm under the umbrella of Kilgore Companies was awarded a $489,741.90 contract to put down asphalt overlays. The overlays involve milling the existing road surface down and then replacing it with new asphalt.

A City Hall report issued in anticipation of the contract authorization indicated 5,460 tons of asphalt will be put down on streets and bicycle paths.

Some of the more prominent sections of street that will receive new asphalt include:

  • Thaynes Canyon Drive between Payday Drive and Three Kings Drive
  • Swede Alley between Heber Avenue and 5th Street
  • Prospector Avenue between Gold Dust Lane and Bonanza Drive
  • Holiday Ranch Loop Road between Little Kate Road and the four-way intersection

    Other places that will receive the overlays include sections of streets like Equestrian Court, Mountain Oak Court and Estates Drive. City Hall might delay putting down an overlay on Wyatt Earp Way between S.R. 248 and Paddington Drive based on discussions about a water line in that vicinity.

    Two sections of bicycle path will also receive new asphalt. They are from Meadows Drive to Payday Drive and from Bonanza Drive to Sidewinder Drive.

    Another one of the contracts covers 60,801 square yards of sealant. Sections of Deer Valley Drive and Solamere Drive are among the roads that will receive the sealant.

    The Public Works Department expects the work to start on or close to July 9. Similar work is conducted each year based on the condition of the streets.

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