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A quiet week in Lake Wobegon

January 11, 2020

Trump's game of chicken with Iran consists of the same people, the same arguments and the same gaping moral vacuum.

Handprints for Sam

December 31, 2019

Little yellow and white handprints adorn the places in Park City where Sam Jackenthal made an impact.

Tom Clyde: Things to ponder in 2020

December 28, 2019

"It’s possible that Santa Claus left spines under the Christmas trees at Republican senators’ houses, but that’s not the way to bet.”

Tom Clyde: Narwhal tusks and freezers in the news

December 9, 2019

“I’ve been writing in this space for over 30 years now, and in all that time, there has never been occasion to write these words: He was beaten senseless by a Polish chef wielding a narwhal tusk.”