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Knaak: A mother’s growing pains

November 15, 2019

My son has always been big — I’ve said this before — but just to revisit the facts — I gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant, and knew I would have a...

Jay Meehan: A neighborly visit

November 7, 2019

“Did I mention that I arrived at my favorite hotel in Culiacan, Sinaloa with a red fraternity blazer, a windup motion picture camera, and a boatload of political angst?”

Tom Clyde: Speed limits and consultant firms

October 26, 2019

"UDOT and the Highway Patrol said they made the change because of the increasing number of accidents involving wildlife in that area. The animals won’t use the crosswalk."

Retreading the Kamas school bond

October 19, 2019

“In Park City, $87 million buys two consultants’ studies, brunch, and a roundabout. ... In Kamas, still part of the real world, $87 million is Real Money.”

Tom Clyde: Lights out in California

October 12, 2019

Is it ridiculous to expect the power company to keep the lights on when it gets windy? If you live in Northern California, apparently so.