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Heartbreak at Treasure Mountain Junior High and throughout Park City

Jessica Curley
Park Record Intern

This past week has been full of heartbreak and loss for the residents of Park City.

The deaths of two local students were sudden and unexpected. Both were 13 years old and attended Treasure Mountain Junior High. Not only were they in the same grade but they were also best friends.

Sunday night, I had heard from a friend that a teenage boy had died, the identity was unknown and the cause was unknown. Even though I didn’t know anything about the death, I was still concerned.

Once the death and identity were confirmed on Monday, it was all we could talk about on Monday, and then on Tuesday, we received more devastating news about another death. At first, I was confused. My parents had each sent me a text during school asking about the other student that had died. I only knew of the first, I didn’t think another one could have died in such a short amount of time.

But I was wrong.

The atmosphere in school was despairing. Everyone’s mood went from perky to lost. During lunch, the cafeteria was silent. The same thing was on everybody’s mind, yet no one knew what to say. There were rumors floating all around school about what had happened. I heard about 10 different stories, and all were equally disturbing.

I didn’t know either of the boys personally, but I was still greatly affected by their deaths. I had friends that were very close to the boys, and seeing their friends suffer was enough to make me cry.

When I arrived at dance on Tuesday night, I looked at the cluster of people. Everyone was giving each other hugs of support and their eyes were puffy and red, filled with sadness.

This whole situation has caused an endless amount of tears, sleepless nights, and questions that still can’t be answered. All I can think about is how their families must feel. Seeing their sons before they go to bed, and then waking up to find them deceased. It’s an awful thing to think about, and it’s heartbreaking that it’s a reality for these two families.

What enraged me the most is that the students were the last to find out. The schools were trying to keep it on the down low, and we were told not to spread rumors. I agree that rumors are no good, but what other choice did we have? We were told that two students in our school system had died, but then we were given no facts about who it was or what had happened. The majority of the students at Park City High School either knew the boys or knew of them, so trying to keep the talk quiet was unfair to the students.

Even though the cause of their deaths is unknown, most believe they were caused by the new synthetic drug “pink” or “pinky.” This drug is so new, that it’s not even illegal. People have started ordering it online and it somehow made its way to small town Park City.

There had been reports that two other teens from Utah died from the drug “pinky.” No one knew how deadly it was until teens we knew personally started dying. Apparently one dose can kill you, and even touching it can be dangerous.

So the question is, why? Why did these two boys die? We may never know.
But if it was due to drug use, we know that drugs never lead to anything good. I feel that teenagers’ decisions, especially in this generation, all revolve around peer pressure. If someone says, “do this, it feels great”, how could you not feel tempted, especially if everyone around you is doing it too. What’s so sad, is that some people don’t know what they’re doing is dangerous, until it’s too late.

In the end, I feel as a school and as a community we have to come together especially during hard times like this. You never know what could happen the next day. We need to appreciate each other because before you know it, something could happen and then you’ll live your life thinking, I should have been nicer, or I should have said something. Right now, it’s important that we keep the boys’ families in our prayers, because they need our support more than anything.

Jessica Curley is a junior at Park City High School and a member of ‘The Prospector’ newspaper staff.

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