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We are water

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So what if yesterday’s snow has turned to glop. Thawing will do that! It’s hard to teach old molecules new tricks unless, of course, you sidle right up to them and imply a bit of heat. Nature infers, therefore it is.

I’m not going to say this hasn’t been the Season of the Witch but there are pockets of light. Why, just yesterday, while out back checking in with my equine roomies, I attempted a head-plant in 8 to 10 inches of what felt like chilled vichyssoise only to discover a series of corral railings close by with which to pull myself upright.

It was at that point that Romeo, a pinto with an old soul, moseyed by with a look of concern. Romeo tugs at my heartstrings and he knows it. Not that the others don’t, but I find him more special. There’s a level of humility in his behavior that is mostly lacking in the rest of the string.

So Romeo and I trudged through what were quickly becoming snow-covered acres of pudding over to his place.

There resides a certain amount of reverie in hangin’ with horses even for a non-rider such as myself. Daydreaming, of course, is one of the perks.

You can plop a pasture boot on a lower railing while spreading arms and elbows upon an upper, stare out toward Timpanogos, and drift away. Yesterday, while in my favorite galoot pose, my thoughts turned toward the looming Sundance Film Festival and the online Film Guide that’s been occupying my days, and nights.

The Sundance ASCAP Music Café schedule has shown up, but without links to artist bios. That’s a pretty big deal this year when, for the first time since its inception, I didn’t recognize at least one name. That’s probably to be expected — the product of advancing years and its inherent disassociation with youth culture.

Of late, the timing of the Café schedule release and my online ticket acquisition deadline have not a marriage made. In other words, any attempt to not be in a theater seat when a musical act of note is being welcomed to the stage on Lower Main is a total crapshoot.

So what? You’ll have that! I really can’t make too big a deal out of such happenstance. I’m always able to catch more than a few films and more than a few performing artists that stick to my ribs, and this year will be no different.

It’s interesting how, throughout the day, at the molecular level, the water just didn’t know what to do with itself. Attempting to achieve a state of consciousness whereby it could excuse itself from selecting an orientation of either liquid, solid, or gas, it appeared happy to teeter on the cusp of freedom, heat, or lack thereof, notwithstanding. Glop, it would seem, can do that.

Romeo and I don’t have to talk. Our communiqués are much more subtle. They exist, we believe, on a singular bandwidth of the electromagnetic spectrum not available to lesser beings. We’ve even learned to nuzzle without actually touching, although it’s not our preferred method.

He seems truly elated that, film-wise, I was able to procure tickets to the top tier of my short list. And, that, although I’ll mostly be going in blind, adequate space for live music also nudged itself onto the field of play.

What with shower and fireplace champing at their collective bit, I bid adieu to Romeo. With a nod, we slogged our separate ways back through the mush, he to his pasture mates and me to my corral.

Identifying light through the next four years won’t be easy. I can see that. But it will be there for the perceiving if I can keep my sensibilities intact. One upside, to be sure, is that activists will return to the street in protest. A perfect example is the Women’s March on Main Street set for Saturday morning, Jan. 21, during Sundance.

I will never forget how liberating it felt when I first dipped my toes in those waters just a few days after returning to Los Angeles from the Monterey Pop Festival. Joining in the melee against President Johnson’s Vietnam War policy during his attempted fundraiser at Century City set me on a course that I would never leave.

And with the current bunch in power, actively protesting for Climate Justice, as the recent battles at Standing Rock have shown, will no doubt involve similar casualties. It’s going to be tough sledding and it will take resolve, but there’s really no alternative. Remember, we are water and our molecules move faster when heated up and, when things get dicey, there’s usually a corral railing to pull you up.

Jay Meehan is a culture junkie and has been an observer, participant, and chronicler of the Park City and Wasatch County social and political scenes for more than 40 years.

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