E-bikes on our trails are accidents waiting to happen

As a regular pedestrian on the Rail Trail (and elsewhere in Park City) I have been buzzed at close quarters by fast moving electric bikes multiple times. Some (but by no means all) of the riders are quite young.

I believe we need much better enforcement of the (albeit limited) existing regulations, particularly regarding operator age and speed in proximity to other people.

In addition, since many of these bikes are not pedal assist only and so are effectively electric motorcycles, there should be much tighter controls on their use on paths and sidewalks. I see no reason why throttle controlled e-bikes should not be treated the exactly the same as a petrol driven bike, and subject to the same licensing and use rules.

It is probably only a matter of time before a serious injury to an innocent pedestrian results from our current laissez-faire regime.

Given how silently these weighty bikes can approach at speed on our mixed use trails, all it would take for a high speed-collision is a pedestrian (or a dog) unexpectedly stopping or changing direction.

David Rennie

Park City

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