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Editorial: Beerman is the candidate for Park City’s future

The Park Record editorial, Oct. 21-24

Election Day is nearing and Park City voters have begun to receive their ballots in the mail. They will be deciding a mayoral contest that has lived up to the ideals of what a small-town election should be.

Two candidates with well-established credentials as public servants have offered competing visions for the town’s future. Supporters of each have provided impassioned arguments, hoping to sway the electorate to their side. And the debate has largely centered on ideas rather than personal attacks.

Voters, though, must pick just one candidate — the person they believe is best equipped to lead Park City during a new era of tremendous growth, change and opportunity.

Andy Beerman is that person.

For nearly six years, Beerman has proved his worth as an influential member of the Park City Council. He’s helped lead the municipal government as it has confronted the topics that will likely shape the town over the next four years, such as affordable housing, traffic, sustainability and retaining the city’s character amid the rapid change.

And he’s done it as a consensus builder, someone who has strong opinions but understands his aren’t the only ones that matter. During his time in office, Beerman has built a reputation as being willing to compromise and find solutions that satisfy a cross section of interests.

That’s a critical skill for someone tasked with leading a city filled with diversity of thought and facing a complex web of issues that requires a deft touch.

It’s telling that Beerman has earned the endorsements of many current and former elected officials who have gone on the record backing a candidate, including Mayor Jack Thomas — who bested Beerman for the top job four years ago — former Mayor Brad Olch and former City Councilor Liza Simpson. That speaks favorably of both his vision for Park City and the leadership style he would employ to get there.

To be sure, Beerman’s opponent is a worthy choice. Few voices are as important in Park City as that of Dana Williams. But the former three-term mayor has proven he doesn’t need to be in office to wield it. As his leadership during the trademark dispute with Vail Resorts showed, he has the power to unite and inspire Parkites in an activist role — not to mention his efforts as a development watchdog before his time at the Marsac Building.

Those characteristics are why Williams has such a passionate base of supporters nearly four years after he left office.

But Williams, for all his success, had his opportunity at the helm. That’s why, in a contest featuring two eminently qualified candidates, Park City should make room for a new leader.

It just so happens that, in Beerman, voters can choose one of the best Park City has to offer.