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Editorial: Celebrate Earth Day with new resolve


Now in its 46th year, Earth Day has a permanent spot on the calendar and serves as an annual reminder of our shared concern for the planet’s fragile ecosystem. It has also grown into a symbol of a global movement that has led to international efforts to address climate change.

Four decades later, we can look back on a number of successful campaigns – we no longer use leaded gas, for instance – but there is still plenty of work to be done.

Park City has been onboard the environmental movement since the mid-1990s. The community’s first Earth Day events centered on modest efforts to support a local recycling center and, eventually, to establish the state’s first curbside recycling program.

Since then, those grassroots efforts have evolved into official city and county policies that include aggressive efforts to reduce consumption, recycle and convert to clean energy sources.

The message has taken root.

Most of our kids have grown up knowing that glass and office paper go to the recycling bin, not the trash can and they aren’t shy about telling their wayward parents to install more energy-efficient LED light bulbs. This year they are also helping the area compete for a national energy conservation prize.

Preserving our mountain environment is a common goal, one that even our visitors seem happy to support. So, this Earth Day we encourage everyone to find at least one new way to expand their environmental commitments.

There are plenty of local organizations that are wiling to help. Recycle Utah is leading the Earth Day Festivities this year by partnering with Park City and Summit County. Both government boards this week, enacted resolutions supporting the spirit of Earth Day. The Park City Council highlighted concerns about the effect that global warming could have on the ski industry and reinforced its commitment to significantly reduce emissions by 2032.

This week’s Earth Day events include a film about food waste on Thursday at the Santy Auditorium and a fundraising party at the Wasatch Brew Pub on Friday. There will also be an opportunity on Friday at the Kimball Junction Whole Foods Market to turn in old electronic devices. For more information go to recycleutah.org

Of course, Earth Day is just the beginning of a new year dedicated to preserving our environment and ensuring that it is sustainable for the next generation.

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