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Editorial: Girls’ Giving Fund is an example to Park City

Giving back to the community isn’t just for adults.

Just ask the members of the Girls’ Giving Fund. Modeled after the Park City Community Foundation’s Women’s Giving Fund, which uses an endowment to award a large grant to a nonprofit each year, the Girls’ Giving Fund is aiming to raise $10,000 by this winter to benefit local organizations.

About a month out from its Dec. 1 deadline, the fund, which is for girls under 18 and is managed by the Community Foundation, is well on its way to meeting its goal. According to Lauren Vitulli, a mentor for the Girls’ Giving Fund, the group has 80 members and has raised about $8,000 since Park City student Paige Rock founded it in June. And next month, the group will announce which of five nonprofits that help young people — Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, EATS Park City, the Youth Sports Alliance, PC Tots and Holy Cross Ministries — will receive a $5,000 check. The rest of the money will be saved to continue the group’s mission.

Parkites should pitch in and help the girls eclipse their goal. Park City is a town that takes pride in its philanthropy, and the Girls’ Giving Fund, which requires each member to donate $100, lives up to that ideal in every way. It’s a reminder that you don’t have to give a lot to make a big difference. More important is the act itself.

And that’s what’s most encouraging about the group: Not only will a nonprofit benefit from the girls’ efforts each year, every member is getting something important out of it, too. It’s hard to think of a better way to ingrain compassion in Park City’s youth than showing them firsthand what it’s like to give back.

For many of the girls, participating in the Giving Fund will likely be the foundation for a lifelong habit of helping those in need. Some may even grow up to become members of the Women’s Giving Fund.

And at a time when the future of Park City is being hotly debated in the political arena, ensuring the next generation carries on the spirit of contributing that defines our community is a great way to preserve the town’s identity in the coming decades.

With some luck and a lot of help from the community, the Girls’ Giving Fund will be there the whole way, continuing to serve as a great example for the rest of us.

The Girls’ Giving Fund is currently accepting donations and will be active during Live PC Give PC on Friday, Nov. 10 (livepcgivepc.razoo.com/story/Girlsgivingfund). For more information, or to become involved, visit parkcitycf.com and navigate to the Girls’ Giving Fund tab.

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