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Editorial: Time for Park City to rally for Live PC Give PC once again

It’s one of the days that makes us most proud to be Parkites.

The Park City Community Foundation’s annual Live PC Give PC event has become something we look forward to as much as opening day at the ski resorts and the upcoming holiday season.

For the uninitiated, the concept behind Live PC Give PC is simple. For 24 hours Friday, the community will rally to support more than 100 nonprofits with local ties in a push to raise as much money as possible. People carrying signs promoting the event or individual organizations will dot street corners throughout the Park City area, a social media blitz will encourage residents to open their pocketbooks, and a ticker on the Live PC Give PC website will provide real-time updates about how much money is flowing in.

Like always, it’s sure to be quite a spectacle.

Last year, Parkites pitched in to raise roughly $1.74 million. Given how the community has embraced the event since its inception in 2011, there’s no reason not to shoot for $2 million this year. It would be an astounding achievement.

Getting there, though, will take contributions from every corner of Park City. If you’ve never participated in Live PC Give PC, Friday would be a great time to start —the minimum donation is $5, so residents don’t have to drop an entire paycheck to make a difference. Any amount is appreciated.

And if you’re a Live PC Give PC regular, consider donating just a little bit more this year. Contribute to your favorite nonprofits like usual, but scan the list of participating organizations for ones you’ve overlooked in the past. There are several that don’t have the name recognition of the town’s largest nonprofits but need help all the same.

After contributing, don’t be shy about bragging about being involved. It’s not necessary for Parkites to detail exactly how much they give, but spreading word and enthusiasm — through social media or otherwise — is critical for an event like this. That both raises awareness for those who still don’t know about Live PC Give PC and gently nudges those who are hesitant to join in.

There’s one other important part of Live PC Give PC that residents should keep in mind, too: Don’t let the spirit of giving fade when the calendar flips to Nov. 11. Just because there’s a day dedicated to giving in Park City doesn’t mean we shouldn’t support our nonprofits the rest of the year, as well.

So get ready for Friday, Parkites. We know that, once again, you’ll make us proud.

To donate Friday, visit Live PC Give PC’s website, livepcgivepc.razoo.com/giving-events/pc17. A list of the participating nonprofits, as well as information about other ways to get involved, can also be found there.