Guest editorial: A call for two Park City officials to resign

Andrew Morphett Park Meadows
Park Record guest editorial

It’s now over 9 month since the Nann-dated election of Nov. 2021 defined our city’s demand for change. Mayor Nann received over 3 votes for every 2 the rejected incumbent received. Mayor Nann became the first female Mayor elected in Park City’s history and she won by over 730 votes!. If that doesn’t spell CHANGE, then this surely does.

Tana Toly a 5th generation local, alongside unknown Parkite, Jeremy Rubell beat the feckless incumbent Tim Henney by an equally historic margin. Tana Toly received the most votes in Park City’s election history! Jeremy Rubell, in a walk in the park, beat the incumbent Henney by 691 votes! A third council seat then appointed by the newly elected mayor and city council  was secured by Ryan Dickey, a recent Synderville Basin transplant. A resounding call for change echoed though our mountains and town.

This unprecedented election result has turned the legislative power inside City Hall over to these 3 city council newcomers under an experienced and thoughtful new Mayor. Just as the residents of our town voted.

While this voice of change is still echoing through the corridors of City Hall, the two remaining Beerman bobbleheads, City Counselors Max Doiliney and Becca Gerber remain bitter losers. They continue to stifle new conversations and policy opinions with their condescending attitudes.

Their demonstrative and unsupported views, along with their unprofessional behavior must end. Remember the Doiliney and Gerber co-authored and signed letter published in the Park Record (June 2021). It attacked then candidate and now our Mayor’s integrity and honesty. This personal attack sent shock waves though Park City and likely added to Mayor Nann’s landslide win. Parkites should not and do not have to accept such attacks. Its time to  explain to these tone-deaf relics that Parkites demanded change because we wanted new policy and better leadership!

This tantrum throwing duo has combined to vote against the new majority over and over.

After such a resounding election result it was hoped that together they would be smart enough to move on and restore some credibility by resigning. Especially after the Gramma requested emails proved that their Park Record letter was nothing more than a political hack job (city hall was forced to make public their emails). As Doiliney and Gerber were fatally exposed as liars, they survived the election solely because their terms do not expire until 2024. Like their failed mentors who were kicked to the curb, they have clearly lost touch and have no respect for Park City’s voters.

Unfortunately, these self proclaimed martyrs remain as puppets of moral and academic ambiguity. After giving them 9 months to forgive, evolve and elevate with the revolution of change that Park City voters demanded – time is up.

I’m calling for Doliney and Gerber to resign. NOW!!

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