Guest editorial: Avoid the comfortable echo chamber |

Guest editorial: Avoid the comfortable echo chamber

Jerry Heck Oakley
Park Record guest editorial

I am appreciative that the Park Record provides a platform for the expression of diverse ideas. Agreeing with Joan Card who earlier last month commented on the tone of some readers who have submitted Letters to the Editor. They advocate suppression and obfuscation of opinions that differ from theirs. Characteristically, this anti-American, anti-Free Speech movement is becoming more and more prolific from those on the LEFT.

According to To produce a counter-argument the writer must produce supporting arguments and avoid being too emotional. Present your case in a logical manner.

Instead what is observed is rantings, rhetorical cow belling, whistle blowing, and the spewing the usual beer-chugging game buzz words: conspiracy theorist, “Q-Anon”, white nationalists, Fox News watching, etc., etc. Coming soon the “phobic” suffixes!

I strive to produce statements with a reference or a first hand experience. For example, when writing in opposition to the Red Flag Laws I cited an article “Red flag laws violate Constitutional law” by legal scholar Harold Pease, Ph.D. A reader from Pinebrook sophomorically minimized points made without any opposing citation.

A reader from Aerie redundantly harangued that an apology was warranted from the Editorial Staff for “publishing a vitriolic diatribe entitled Guest Editorial” in the August 13-16, 2022 paper. The specifics of the transgressive piece were unavailable as of press time.

A Parkite noted a New York Times article on the GOP’s acceptance of violence. What wasn’t asked was if ANTIFA and/or BLM will get a “bye” from the Democrats. A reader from Pinebrook twice sought the squelching of thought when replying to my objections to the injustices of the Mar-A-Largo raid. That the Biden regime has weaponized federal law enforcement agencies is a reasoning shared by Victor Davis Hanson as he wrote in a recent Epoch Times article. Hardly a conservative Alan M. Dershowitz’s recent pieces for the Gatestone Institute: “The Indictment of Navarro is Unconstitutional,” and “Double Standard by Civil Libertarians against Trump Endangers the Rule of Law;” and “Get Trump!” Damn the Constitution,” echo the main points of my text.

On August 14th The Jessups’ of Lower Glenwild submitted “America Operating as a Third World Country”. In an inflammatory and equally unsubstantiated “rebuttal” by the Pinebrook Keyboard Warrior declares “Border crossings are not breaking records”. Even though the Federation for American Immigration Reform reports: “Now that July border numbers are finally public, the White House may take credit for the fact that “only” 199,976 illegal aliens crossed our border, down from 207,416 in June. A minor drop in border encounters is not encouraging. Traditionally, numbers drop in the hottest summer months, and last month’s figures actually represent a 325 percent increase over the average number of July apprehensions under the Trump administration. More significantly, July numbers bring the total of illegal aliens crossing our borders since President Biden took office to 4.9 million.”

The next flat Earthism: “Critical Race Theory (CRT) it is not taught in ANY [of Utah] schools.” From Utah Parents United: There are several parent testimonials. Here’s one: In the Weber School District“The equity director told him [a parent] that although they will not be teaching CRT per se, that CRT will begin to impact their district’s policies and procedures.”

A cursorily analysis of some of these detractors is that instead of discourse, they instead try to silence. Apparently, some among us represent [The] Squadesque ideologues who see Joe Biden as the second coming of the Obamaessiah.

I encourage all to seek alternative news sources, avoid the comfortable echo chamber and in the final analysis, be mindful that “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

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