Guest editorial: Department of (in) Justice weaponized |

Guest editorial: Department of (in) Justice weaponized

Jerry Heck, Oakley
Park Record guest editorial

Our Congressional Delegation must act! Demand an investigation and the relief with cause of the FBI Director Christopher Wray and impeachment of Attorney General Merrick B. Garland and/or the Big Guy himself Joe Biden.

Outrageous! The raid at Mar-A-Largo, President Trump’s home illustrates the corruption and despotism of acting president, Joe Biden. The Obama/New World Order/Biden regime has weaponized the Dept. of (in) Justice (and numerous other agencies) in order to take out political opponents. The FBI, by its own actions has diminished itself from a law enforcement agency of world renown to a third world mob of politically dictated personal henchmen of the democratic party. As President Trump’s popularity soars in the polls and attendance of the Save America Rallies continue to swell China Joe Biden’s incompetence is noted by even the blindest of the blind on the LEFT. The LEFT or the Coup, the real insurrectionists are wavering; since he is not the real president foreign leaders disrespect Biden because they know a contract, a treaty or even memorandum of understanding will not pass the test of time once that there is acknowledgment that the Emperor Joe’s lions are ungirded.

I am quite familiar as to how tyrants rule by eliminating the opposition as I have served in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. I often interacted with many local nationals. Even among those most resentful to America acknowledged that our country’s most remarkable quality was our adherence to the rule of law. I’d be embarrassed to return and face my mentorees, now. We no longer have rule of law. The breaking and entering of Donald Trump’s home is not unprecedented as we have a litany of grievances; the FBI witch hunt on General Mike Flynn, the donning of leg irons on Peter Navarro, the FBI raid on Roger Stone, the FBI raid on Rudy Giuliani, the FBI raid on James O’Keef, the FBI’s orchestrated assassination of Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and the FBI’s paid agitator-in-chief Ray Epps of the so-called insurrection. The Deep State/LEFT’s onslaught on Donald Trump began in 2015 from wire-tapping, incontinent Muscovite harlots, to the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax, to the impeachments de jour, to the Jan6 Fed-surrection and now toiletgate.

Biden and more importantly his minders realize to their dismay that President Trump will handily win a third election victory moreover, counties and states entertain de certification of the 2020 election election. When potentates are confidently in possession of their power their nefarious actions to retain that power are subtle or covert. As the walls close in on the facade of a Biden Presidency, just like tyrants of yore their villainous actions become slapdash, slipshod, sloppy. Moderate, pious Catholic Joe from Scranton is the evil tool and the once honorable agents of the Bureau are his dastardly accomplices. Restore America, American values and remove these false leaders.

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