Guest editorial: Save talk of Park City government ‘bobbleheads,’ ‘relics,’ for playground |

Guest editorial: Save talk of Park City government ‘bobbleheads,’ ‘relics,’ for playground

Joan Card Lower Deer Valley
Park Record guest editorial

Wow. I’m beyond disappointed with the tone and content of recent letters and guest editorials about local government issues. The grievances range from ignorant complaints to near-tyrannical name-calling. One writer complained about government inaction on noxious weeds. I’m as appalled about the musk thistle invasion as he is, and it’s become a much worse problem than it was 20 years ago when we came to town. But literally the day after his letter was published, I saw the City’s contractor cutting heads and spraying in the open space along Solamere Drive. This is an annual effort by the City to try to control this terrible weed on City property and I believe the County has a program as well. Did the writer bother to learn about existing efforts? Thanks, Park City Municipal Trails and Open Space Department! And where was the writer’s call for action by private lot owners, both vacant and developed; I see those musk thistle go uncontrolled and get worse year after year and I’m making that call to them now.

Another writer complained about being charged an energy surcharge on water use despite cutting back on his lawn watering. Plain as day on the Park City Water Department website under “Rates,” is information indicating the energy surcharge is based on usage, so you are paying less surcharge by using less water. Makes sense! And while the revenue-generating golf course lawn may be green, the City has reduced irrigation at the library lawn and “back 40” fields to save water. They announced those measures early this summer and I read about it in this newspaper. The City also does cutting-edge work monitoring water use through sophisticated meter data collection and analysis. Thanks, Park City Municipal Water Department! I applaud your water conservation programs and the successful daily operation of one of the country’s most challenging water systems of its size.

Finally, a recent guest editorial called for the resignation of two duly elected City Council members, calling them “bobbleheads,” “relics,” “tantrum-throwing,” “martyrs,” and “puppets.” A former member was called “feckless.” Really? First, I suggest you save this kind of talk for the playground. More importantly, the only reason they, or any of the current duly elected officials (one, appointed), might resign is due to the often thankless work and enormous commitment of personal time for uninformed, disrespectful people.

Now, as for the writer expressing his shock about the current county property tax assessment increase, I’m right there with you. I’ll be taking an opportunity to ask questions and learn the basis for the 30% increase in the market value of my property, and I may be availing myself of the Constitutional right to appeal it. Look, the government is not infallible by any means. After all, the government is “us.” Let’s be grateful for, or at least respectful of, those of us who choose public service as a career or for a stint in elected office and help them improve by being informed and constructively involved members of the community. Read the website, call a department head, or email the Mayor or a Council Member. I’m certain you’ll get a constructive response to a constructive inquiry or criticism.

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