Guest editorial: Vail Resorts is the worst kind of neighbor |

Guest editorial: Vail Resorts is the worst kind of neighbor

Victor Janulaitis Park Meadows A 22-year full-time resident
Park Record guest editorial

Vail corp is the worst kind of neighbor, much less a partner that Park City can have. They have only one focus, that is on the bottom line not the best interests of the community. When they do not get their way, they set an army of attorneys and consultants to overwhelm whoever disagrees with them.

They know the rules but continue to push to meet Vail’s financial objectives. To heck with what is right for the community and the residents. Their recent latest lawsuit is a classic example of their penchant and spoiled child approach to any of their rejected development objectives. They had an agreement with the city with specific requirements. They figured a way around that agreement with Park City staff that was not well versed in what the requirements were. When the citizens spoke up and the “invalid” approval was vacated, they continued as if nothing happened. They had materials delivered and feel they can muscle the city to go on with the project.

Park City management should put a halt to ALL PCMR development until a complete plan is provided that covers all of Vail’s proposed projects. Park City is not responsible for generating profits for Vail. Rather it is the keeper of responsible growth. We need to remember from Vail’s history at other resorts if Vail does not get its way they will sue. That is not acceptable for someone who wants to be a partner and good neighbor to Park City.

Some of my suggestions are:

  1. No additions should be made to PCMR without adequate solutions to parking and transportation. Parking structures and bus transportation should be in place before any project begins that will add to traffic and/or congestion. That is what the Olympics did and it worked.
  2. Defined height limits for all structures should be adhered to. Tall structures imply more people and more bus service. Any alternation to that should be put to a vote by PC residents.
  3. PCMR should pay for all additional capital equipment like buses, maintenance facilities, police, and fire vehicles. Those costs should not be passed on to the residents of Park City or Summit County. That should be a defined cost of doing business in Park City.
  4. Workforce housing needs to be provided upfront, not at the back end of the project. For example, if 1,000 jobs are added then housing and/or parking need to be added at Vail’s expense that addresses these added requirements. Out town is at almost gridlock now and will only get worse as more uncontrolled development is allowed. 
  5. Just like Vail has a responsibility to its shareholders, Park City Management has a duty and responsivity to Park City residents to maintain a livable and pleasant living and work environment.

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