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Letter to the editor, Aug. 6-9: Property taxes are more than our mortgages

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Property taxes more than mortgages

Many of the voters Summit County are outraged at the enormous unexpected property tax increase this year. As an 18 year resident of Park City, I am accustomed to the steady rise in property taxes, as the value of my home has increased. The annual increase usually averages from about two to four percent. The proposed increase for my home this year, is more than 42% over last year. This is ringing alarm bells throughout our community, as more and more residents are grappling with literally being taxed out of their homes. Many, including myself, are now paying more for our property taxes than for our mortgages.

There’s an old saying when it comes to retirement planning. “You can’t eat your home”. This saying infers that just because your home has appreciated into the stratosphere, doesn’t mean that your income has. The idea that a local government can raise property taxes beyond the owner’s ability to pay, is immoral, unjust, and reminiscent of “The Sherriff of Nottingham.

In 1978, wise lawmakers of California passed Proposition 13 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1978_California_Proposition_13#:~:text=Proposition%2013%20(officially%20named%20the,voters%20on%20June%206%2C%201978 ) which puts restrictions on counties from levying unreasonably high taxes on their citizens. Without this law in place, my parents, now in their 80’s, who bought their home 50 years ago in what is now called “Silicon Valley”, would be forced into selling their home to pay their taxes. This law does not apply to new residents, but simply protects, long standing ones. 

As I approach retirement age, I will soon lose the majority of my income. At the same time, our country is seeing record inflation (uncompensated by wage increases), coupled with a looming recession. I can think of no worse time for Utah Counties, to further burden their residents, with enormous tax increases.

I would encourage all residents of Summit County to examine California’s Prop 13, and implore their elected representatives to sponsor similar legislation to protect the lives and homes of all Utah citizens from overzealous tax collectors. I would also encourage all tax payers to contest their proposed property taxes with the Summit County Board of Equalization before the September 15th deadline.


Dave Kenton

Ranch Place

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