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Letters to the editor, Aug. 3-5: Why conserve water when golf courses are green?

Park Record letters to the editor

Why conserve water when golf courses are green?

With regard to the letters for the period of July 30- Aug 2nd. Sometimes as a full time resident I often wonder if any of the decision makers for the city and county read the editorials. My guess is they don’t, because if they did, and assuming they have any kind of common sense, they would realize its probably not a good idea to keep allowing the building of sprawling developments, when water is becoming scarce.

Apparently the council members can’t equate that more building and development requires more water. Perhaps they’re oblivious to the fact we are in a drought. When was the last time an elected politician of the city or county put a moritorium on development?

To bang the residents with a per gallon surcharge and tell them to cut back on water is outright laughable, when these same circus clowns do nothing to preserve the little water we have left. Residents should be encourages to water their lawns  as often as necessary to keep it green. Why conserve water when the golf courses are bright green, and backhoes, graders, contractors and nail guns are all around, putting up structures, eventually leading to further depletion of our water supply? There’s no reason for resident’s landscapes to suffer, when the city and county aren’t held accountable for their misuse of this natural resource. So to those who’s lawns are getting yellow; water away.

If the city and county want residents to conserve water, I suggest the clown council start leading by example, otherwise there is no reason to abide by their rules, and let one’s grass suffer, while municipal entities are nice and green.

James Smith

Jeremy Ranch

The August tax surprise

A few days ago, I received my notice of property valuation for 2022.

I was shocked to see that my home valuation had gone up by more than 41% while the taxes owed on it will be 22% higher!

After sharing with other Park City residents I quickly realized that I might be on the lower end of that percentage increase as some are claiming much higher hikes.

Of course, I understand that real-estate prices have gone up through the roof, and while I wouldn’t be shocked if my taxes were hiked 10% on account of current inflation, going beyond that threshold is precisely another irresponsible way to create more inflation at a time we must make some real efforts to curb it. 

What I’m concerned the most about, is that our local governments may end up flooded with too much cash after a hike of this magnitude, and that all that extra money won’t be spent wisely. It should be used instead to lower our tax rates until we get to a net increase that stands around the actual inflation number that affects our county.

I don’t know how Parkites feel about this idea, but we should get some transparency from our respective governments in order to see what the rate of budgetary increase will be next year, compared to the previous one. Obviously, if it grossly exceeds inflation this would have to be addressed. Then the overall tax hike should be adjusted so it balances reasonable budgets without exceeding them and leading to excessive expenditures.

JF Lanvers

Park Meadows

Alzheimer’s robs lives of our loved ones

In October 2018 our mother Leona, “Little Miss Sunshine”, died from the insidious disease, Alzheimer’s. She had enjoyed a rich life as a young woman and later, as the steady rock mother to our family. My accomplished siblings and I hang onto those thoughts as we model productive lives. We try to forget, however unsuccessfully, the ravages of dementia to Leona’s memory and ultimately, to her life. Over the roughly 9 years since diagnosis, we sought help from every corner, but today I recognize that public awareness and scientific research have positively changed the social landscape for sufferers and caregivers alike. Much credit goes to the Alzheimer’s Association and those of us who choose not to silently watch memories and lives lost, but rather, take action. One of those opportunities is available now and I encourage the Summit and Wasatch County communities to participate in the enormously successful Walk to End Alzheimer’s on Saturday, August 13 at 9 AM at the Basin Rec Fieldhouse. Please join us by walking or as a sponsor, or simply donate to the Alzheimer’s Association, http://www.alz.org/events.


Ken Barfield

Board Chair, Alzheimer’s Association of Utah


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