Park City, Summit County politicians outshine buffoons in D.C. |

Park City, Summit County politicians outshine buffoons in D.C.

The Park Record editorial, May 3-5, 2017

In these precarious times, while our federal officials are busy rolling back environmental protections and health care benefits, flirting with dictators and feathering their own financial nests, it is an immense comfort to examine our local elected leaders. Instead of fueling jingoism and fear, Park City and Summit County politicians have been unabashed advocates for land conservation, energy conservation and public health initiatives.

So, if the regressive drumbeat of violent rhetoric and international instability has left you feeling distressed and insecure, turn your attention to some of the inspiring work being done locally. It will restore your faith in government.

Both the city and the county have active open space acquisition programs and have updated their development codes to limit the environmental disturbance caused by new growth. They have also teamed with each other and with neighboring jurisdictions to tackle our growing traffic congestion.

And while the battle cry in Washington is all about rescinding regulations and giving free rein to commercial interests, our leaders, with support from their constituents, have been enacting sensible rules to ensure growth does not outpace our infrastructure.

Fortunately, their efforts have also received a lot of support from the business community – the ski areas and several large employers have helped to incentivize energy conservation efforts and have proved to be generous contributors to local nonprofit organizations.

Some might call it a bubble, but we would prefer to think of our community as a role model. Our elected officials have set their sights high and deserve recognition for their efforts.

Our representatives in Congress are following the president and his administration down a dark path, but we don’t have to follow them. Instead of wallowing in disappointment with Washington, give your city and county leaders a high five and ask how you can help.

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