Record editorial: Free transportation options are a way to combat high gas prices |

Record editorial: Free transportation options are a way to combat high gas prices

Record editorial: Free transportation options are a way to combat high gas prices

With gas prices hovering in the range of $5 per gallon, it would be nice if someone else was paying for a fill up. Or, if gas was not even needed to move about.

The Park City area provides alternative means of transportation, and with gas prices so high, we encourage the community to consider options other than driving personal vehicles.

While the community’s tourism industry has said it does not expect the high gas prices to dampen business in the summer, the impact on Parkites, especially those at the lower end of the income spectrum, could be discernible. The cost of living in Park City has long been a deterrent for many, with real estate or rent prices traditionally being the driver. The current bout of inflation, including the high gas prices, has only made it even more difficult for them.

People who live in Park City and the Snyderville Basin can avoid at least some of the financial hit of the gas prices by choosing not to drive to many local destinations. The community, wisely, has spent years building a network of bus lines as well as routes for bicyclists, pedestrians and others who prefer an alternative to driving. The transit and trail networks reach from Old Town into far-flung neighborhoods in the Snyderville Basin.

The thinking during much of that time has been the routes are a traffic-reducing measure, but in the current environment they can also be, as importantly, a cost-reducing measure.

The core stretch of the summer-tourism season in Park City, typically the time between July 4 and Labor Day, is approaching. The visitors will likely drive their own vehicles or rental cars to Park City, but, during their stay, the buses and trail network should be inviting to them. The Parkites headed to work or to recreate need to also see the options as enticing alternatives.

The trails are, of course, free to use. The buses in the Park City area are also free of fares, one of the reasons the transit system is so popular.

And free beats the $5 or so per gallon drivers are paying nowadays for gasoline.

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