Record editorial: Pedal into Bike Week in Park City |

Record editorial: Pedal into Bike Week in Park City

Drivers headed to work on Tuesday morning may have seen a few more bicyclists on the roads than is typical, even in a community where many prefer to pedal their way into the office.

Tuesday was Bike to Work Day, and it was marked by fine weather for a ride. The promotion was part of Bike Week in the Park City area, which runs until Friday and is slated to be capped with a Bike to School Day that day. Organizers have planned a breakfast and a celebration of bicycle safety for the event.

Bike Week in Park City is usually a festive affair, something that celebrates Parkites’ love of bicycling. But it also can be seen as an opportunity to highlight the importance bicycling can play as the community works toward some of its difficult goals, such as those that are designed to address traffic and the environment.

Park City and Summit County leaders over the years have attempted to create an environment where a bicyclist can easily, and safely, navigate across the West Side of the county, from far-flung points in the Snyderville Basin to Old Town.

While there are some who desire more bicycle-friendly efforts by the local governments, the improvements over time have been undeniably impressive. Even as City Hall and the County Courthouse have struggled on other transportation-related issues like bus service, there has seemed to be progress on upgrades to bicycling routes.

Tunnels that serve bicyclists and pedestrians, like the ones constructed underneath Bonanza Drive and Kearns Boulevard, often attract the most attention based on cost or construction impact, but others, such as some of the bicycle lanes in the Park City area, are also notable investments.

People in Park City and Summit County years ago became disillusioned with the traffic. The concerns about the environment also date back years. We understand bicycling cannot, of course, be seen as a singular solution to such consequential issues as traffic and the environment. The number of bicyclists in the Park City area on any given commute will just never be enough to substantially reduce the lines of cars or the emissions.

That, however, does not invalidate the sincere ideals underpinning Bike Week. Those ideals are on display, on two wheels, this week.

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