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Take a break from politics, join in Live PC Give PC


Live PC Give PC, the Park City Community Foundation's annual celebration of giving, is the perfect antidote to this year's drawn out and exceptionally hostile election season. For 24 hours, from midnight Thursday to midnight Friday, Park City and Summit County residents can safely abandon their cynicism and, instead, revel in good deeds and generosity.

More than 100 local nonprofit groups are participating in this year's sixth iteration of the growing event. Not only has the number of groups increased, but so has the goal. At the end of Live PC Give PC's debut in 2010, the organizers were thrilled to have raised $300,000 in just 24 hours. This year, they are hoping to generate $1.5 million in donations to locally based nonprofit agencies.

As anyone who has participated in previous Live PC Give PC fund drives will attest, it feels like a citywide pep rally. Street corners are filled with flag-waving volunteers — even kids, pets and street sculptures get into the action. There is a true sense of shared purpose.

The scope of services offered by the nonprofits seeking support this year is a testament to the commitment and idealism of hundreds of organizers and volunteers who have set out to improve nearly every facet of life in our community. There are environmental groups, arts organizations, health clinics and education programs. There are organizations devoted to recreation, music, trails, animals, historic preservation, sustainable agriculture and mental health support.

Live PC Give PC was conceived by the Park City Community Foundation which envisioned it as a common platform for the area's many worthy nonprofits. And it has truly been a tide that lifts all boats. While Park City sustains several large nonprofits, many have struggled in past years to gain attention and donors. Live PC Give PC successfully highlights those organizations, too.

This week, we urge everyone to take a fresh look at the long list of local nonprofits on http://www.livepcgivepc.org. It is an eye opener that is sure to renew your sense of optimism, even in the face of this week's brutal political battles.

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While perusing the list, we would like to suggest making more than one donation this year – in addition to your favorite cause, pick a new one too. If your No. 1 pick is a little self serving, choose something completely altruistic. Or, if your usual recipient is already on top of the leaderboard, support an underdog. It's a great year to remind our politicians what community spirit really means.

For more information go to livepcgivepc.org