This election season has brought out the worst, and best, in us |

This election season has brought out the worst, and best, in us


Tuesday, at last, is Election Day. Like the holiday advertising season, the political campaigning began too soon and can't end soon enough, and through it all we have seen the worst and best of our democratic process.

Let's focus on the best.

This week, a candidate The Park Record did not endorse, assured us that our friendship runs deeper than our political differences. For that he earned our lasting respect, and perhaps our vote in the future. Another candidate shrugged off a printing error saying, "We all make mistakes." His kind temperament, we are certain, will be put to good use if he is elected.

We are keenly aware that our local candidates invested enormous amounts of time and energy into their races, and we are grateful to those who participated in our local news forums and interviews, even when the questions focused on controversial topics. The strength of their convictions helped the rest of us to define our own.

Unfortunately, the political discourse on the national level has not been as civil, leaving us to worry whether the bitter campaigns for the presidency and for control of Congress may have done lasting damage to our government's ability to reach consensus and move forward on important issues in the future.

The greater damage, too, is the very real possibility that the embarrassing shenanigans of the current round of electoral politics will cause our children, in turn, to shun politics and recoil from public service when it is their generation's turn to take over.

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Like many of you, we will be up late Tuesday night, trying to make sense of the results. And then, on Wednesday, we will be ready to welcome and work with whoever the people have chosen.

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