For The Record: What are your thoughts on pedestrian safety? |

For The Record: What are your thoughts on pedestrian safety?

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Each week, The Park Record asks residents and visitors to weigh in on a topic of interest. Park City has seen several pedestrian-involved auto accidents over the winter, which has led to a conversation around pedestrian safety. We wanted to know: what is your experience as a pedestrian like? What could be done to improve it? What are the bad behaviors in motorists that bother you the most?

Kamy West, Park City

Some parts of Park City I fee safe walking, but some I just avoid. Some you just have to keep your head on a swivel. Especially if I have my dog with me. I’ll walk on Main Street, but some of the surrounding streets, I won’t. People drive way too fast and on some of them, like Empire Avenue, there’s no sidewalk, no protection for you.

Lisa Ilizaliturri, Park City

I was without a car for a couple of years and I walked a lot. What bothers me is how little drivers seem to understand pedestrian right of way. I’ll be in the crosswalk and a guy will turn right in front of me so he doesn’t have to wait.

Tom Murphy, Alexandria, Va.

Park City is great. Drivers are very considerate. Back home, they just passed a law that you have to give pedestrians three feet of clearance. So I walk with an old CB radio antenna and when drivers are passing I hold it out. No one wants to get their car scratched.

Barbara Murphy, Alexandria, Va.

I’ve never had any issues, but one thing we’ve seen at home recently is kids getting hit while exiting the school bus because drivers don’t stop and wait. That really bothers me. Drivers need to always be paying attention.

Quotations have been edited for clarity and length.

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