For the Record: Do you support Proposition 2? |

For the Record: Do you support Proposition 2?

Each week, the Park Record asks For the Record, a weekly question with answers given by local residents and visitors. This week, the debate about Proposition 2 continues ahead of the November elections as voters decide whether or not to allow the distribution and use of medicinal marijuana in the state. A recent Summit County forum debated the proposition and the potential community and economic impact and offered broad support for the implementation of medical marijuana, but mixed backing of the upcoming ballot question.

We asked Parkites and visitors about the upcoming ballot measure and whether or not they will vote for Prop 2. Have an opinion? Comment below or consider sending a letter to the editor.


Jennifer Madeo, Park City
“I’m 100 percent for access to medical marijuana, especially with all the drugs that are having horrible side effects. I think it seems like one of the better (treatments) and I would want people to have it.”



Christopher Vlaun, Park City
“I’m totally for it. The medicinal benefits are outstanding. With the big drug industry, I think there are a lot of things that do work, but there are a lot of things that can be alleviated. I think them and a lot of conservatives and religions can hold it back, but I think there is an underlying thing about money, which is disturbing to me.”


Justin Tidwell, North Ogden
“I do (support Proposition 2). I think there is a legitimate medical need for additional therapy options for groups of folks who have very little else to fall back on. Having to go to places like Nevada and Colorado for legitimate medical treatment is inappropriate.”


James Jetthro, Park City
“It’s ok if it’s used for medical purposes, like sometimes (for help) with autistic people can get benefits out of it. They can use the marijuana to become more comfortable.”



Ailee Larson, Millcreek
“We use (topical) CBD oil with our patients for pain management and inflammation and all that kind of stuff and it seems to work really well. I don’t see any issue moving forward with it. Especially with the opioid issue, it’d be nice to have an alternative.”


Allie Watson, Park City
“I’m neither pro nor against (Proposition 2). I’ve used that for pain management from time to time and it’s helped a lot. It’s rare, only once every couple of months but helps a lot. I used to be on really big pain meds so to get off of that is nice.”



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Quotations have been edited for length and clarity.

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