For the Record: Should Utah grocery stores be allowed to sell full-strength beer? |

For the Record: Should Utah grocery stores be allowed to sell full-strength beer?

Each week, The Park Record asks For the Record, encouraging residents and visitors to weigh in on a topic of interest. This week, the Utah Legislature is considering a new bill that would increase the alcohol limit in beer that grocery and convenience stores can sell from 3.2 percent alcohol by weight to 4.8 percent. As of Thursday, the bill was before the Senate after unanimously passing through the Senate Business and Labor Committee.

Proponents of the bill cite mostly economic reasons, saying domestic breweries are less inclined to produce 3.2 percent beer and could eventually stop altogether. Some opponents of the proposal say local and craft breweries could be affected and incur large costs to catch up to national competitors.

We asked Parkites and Utah residents what people may think is an obvious question: Would you support the Legislature allowing full-strength beer in grocery stores? Comment with your answer below, or consider sending a letter to the editor.

Should the Utah Legislature authorize the sale of full-strength beer in grocery stores?

  • Yes (91%, 275 Votes)
  • No (9%, 26 Votes)

Total Voters: 301

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Charles O’Brien, Old Town

“(I would support it) for the convenience of Park City’s clientele, as well as the convenience for me. It’s time to go ahead and be with the rest of the country.”



Jenna Elise, Heber City

“I have mixed feelings. I say yes because I drink at home anyway and I don’t’ drive, but I also hate that they lowered the (legal driving limit) to 0.05. It feels like entrapment to me. I don’t think it’s coordinated, it’s just annoying.”


Adam Worthington, West Jordan

“I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I’d be in favor of it, but I think the state having the higher-content beers in the liquor stores is kind of crazy and silly to me. I think Utah is very conservative on their liquor laws.”



Michaela Smith, Heber City

“I’m down. I’m a fan of Park City brewers for sure, but I think they can pick it up and compete with (the national beer chains).”



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