For the Record: What are Salt Lake’s chances for the 2030 Winter Olympics? |

For the Record: What are Salt Lake’s chances for the 2030 Winter Olympics?

Each week, The Park Record asks For the Record, encouraging residents and visitors to weigh in on a topic of interest. This week, the region is still buzzing from the news that Salt Lake City was selected by the United States Olympic Committee to bid on a future Winter Olympic Games, likely the 2030 Games.

As Park City would play an outsized role in a future Utah Games, we wanted to ask Parkites just what the chances are that Salt Lake could get the opportunity to host the Olympics again. According to Olympic Games bidding website, the other potential contenders for the 2030 Winter Olympics are Sapporo, Japan; Almaty, Kazakhstan; Lillehammer, Norway; and Barcelona, Spain, although the formal bidding process is still some years away.

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Mare Piper, Promontory

“Of course (there’s a chance). I think that we have so much on our side. Think positive. I think locals want it. (We have) economic advantages, world recognition. It’s one big advertisement for Park City.”

Cabrielle Andersen, Newpark

“I hope it’s a good chance. I think it would be awesome to see the Olympics come back. Park City has “The Greatest Snow on Earth,” a wonderful atmosphere. We’ve only heard of great things from (the 2002 Olympics) so I don’t know why we wouldn’t be awarded considering it was such a huge success.”


Jackie Allen, Midway

“I think they have a great chance because the infrastructure is here already. The location (is a big advantage). The airport is easy to get to and they’re redoing it. The infrastructure is in, though I’ve read that people are thinking there aren’t enough ways in and out of (Park City).”


John Beyer, Trailside

“Generally, I think (Salt Lake City) has great chances. Salt Lake has a great advantage in terms of access to the mountains, great city infrastructure, and a great community that’s positioned well to enthusiastically host the rest of the world.”


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