For the Record: What changes would you make to Kimball Junction? |

For the Record: What changes would you make to Kimball Junction?

Each week, The Park Record asks For the Record, encouraging residents and visitors to weigh in on a topic of interest. On April 24, the Summit County Council will review a blueprint for the future of Kimball Junction after the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission forwarded the plan to the Council in February.

As the County Council prepares to review the master plan, we wanted to know what members of the public would do if they had the power to change the area. Comment with your own answer below, or consider sending a letter to the editor.

Tim Laros, Pinebrook

“The main intersection (of S.R. 224) needs to have a flyover or something. We also don’t really know if the tech center is going to be a tech center or if it should be expanded to include retail. It’d be nice if it would continue to be a tech center but I don’t know if that’s what’s going to happen.”

Steve Brod, Jeremy Ranch

“My magic wand would be to increase affordable housing and increase the funding of the Swaner Nature Preserve, it should be part of it. Otherwise, I like Kimball, everything else works out pretty well.”

Eric Myers, Silver Springs

“A solution for the traffic. That’s probably the biggest thing, is trying to get the flow of the traffic but all you’re doing is just pushing it somewhere else. If you make it easier to get here, you’re pushing it down there. So I don’t know if there’s an answer but that’s probably the biggest (issue).”

Phillip Smith, Cottonwood Heights

“Add another lane (on S.R. 224). I get here at 6 a.m. and leave at 6 p.m. and I have to sit (in traffic) for 20 minutes for three miles each way. I don’t have enough money to live up here so it’s not really my problem but it’d be nice to get out of here. And get the lights timed better.”

Heather Long, Jeremy Ranch

“As I was born and raised in Summit Park, the big thing I am concerned with is the growth, and I wish we could curtail the growth.”

Jay Bartlett, Jeremy Ranch

“I don’t really have any complaints about how it is right now. If I were to change things it would be better restaurants. I don’t really care about the traffic flow, there just needs to be better food in Park City.”

Quotations have been edited for clarity and length.

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