For the Record: What impact would another Winter Olympics have on Park City? |

For the Record: What impact would another Winter Olympics have on Park City?

Each week, The Park Record asks For the Record, encouraging residents and visitors to weigh in on a topic of interest. Yesterday, members of the United States Olympic Committee visited Park City and Salt Lake City in order to determine if Salt Lake or Denver would get the USOC backing to bid for the 2030 Winter Olympics. The Park Record wanted to know what impact another games would have on Park City. Would residents welcome more worldwide attention and economic growth, or are they concerned about the potential for an influx of tourism and development? Comment with your answer below, or consider sending a letter to the editor.

Zac Clancey, Prospector

“I don’t have an opinion either way, but if it’s like Sundance, it will be hard to keep up with the normal pace of life. (I’m worried), because there would be more people. But I know that traffic and the Sundance stuff have been on mind for the city. I know it’s not something that has backburnered. I imagine that would be the forefront of anyone who is organizing.”

Matt Lawyer, Old Town

“It would be fantastic. In 2002 I came out here as a ski rental tech while I was a student and I took the season off. That’s how I discovered Park City and I made the decision that one day, I would live here. It would change people’s lives and everyone here would benefit from it.”


Bryce Murrin, Park City

“I’d be very excited to have that happen, not only from the love for winter sports and being able to potentially go and see it, but I think it would bring a lot of money to the town, a lot of tourism to the town and just be good for the economy and the community.”


Liz Moffat, Old Town

“I think it will be great. It’s good for our economy, though they might need to beef up our public transportation.”



Lauren Montgomery, Heber City

“I do think it would be a great thing for Park City. We have all the (Olympic) facilities, tourism is something we handle on a regular basis. I would consider if (the preparation time) is enough time to make sure our airport and transportation can handle that.”


Quotations have been edited for length and clarity.

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