For the Record: What is your favorite Park City holiday activity? |

For the Record: What is your favorite Park City holiday activity?

Each week, The Park Record asks For the Record, encouraging residents and visitors to weigh in on a topic of interest. This week, holiday shopping is beginning to end and thoughts are turning to plans for activities during the holidays. We asked locals how they spend their holidays in Park City. Comment with your answer below, or consider sending a letter to the editor.

Jennifer Heintzelman, Boston

“What we really like to do and what we’ve done for a few years now is go up to Deer Valley and do the fireside dining. We do that as a family on the 23rd. We’ve been doing it probably four or five years now.”

Connor Hansen, Promontory

“We go out to dinner at a couple of places in Park City and have gone up to the Ranch Club in Promontory since 2003. It’s a really big tradition for us, being one of the original members there. Everyone comes up and we cook Thanksgiving dinner for Christmas.”


Marilyn Brown, Park Meadows

“We have dear friends that we go up to their home on Christmas Eve and she fixes seven fishes, an Italian theme. And on Christmas night, we go to another friends’ house for a lovely dinner. This would be the sixth or seventh year out of the 11 Christmases we’ve lived in Park City.”


Lara Herrmann, Park Meadows

“My husband’s sister and boyfriend and (their) two boys come and we ski and usually make steaks for dinner and just kind of hang out. It’s kind of boring, there’s no awesome cute little thing.”



Julie Hunter, Pinebrook

“We started one this year. A friend of ours knew someone who stood in line to (get a permit) to cut down your own tree and wasn’t able to use it and gave it to us. We went into the Uintas and cut our tree down and it was hilarious. The kids loved it. We had a great time and will definitely do this again next year.”


Quotations have been edited for clarity and length.

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