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For the Record

Heather Hampsten

For the record: are trash cans left at the curb for extended periods a problem in Old Town?

Asked: Thursday at the Park City Library (all respondents live in Park City)

Heather Hampsten: Old Town does have a challenge of a lot of garbage stacking up on Monday mornings from weekend rentals that doesn’t get picked up till Thursday.

Adam Herbst: Yeah, I live on Daly and the truck passes us or won’t come at all. Then everything gets full. Also on Main there’s trash on the side of the road and it doesn’t look good.

Harry Abelson: I believe so. It’s been a concern of mine for some time. I’ve lived here for 10 years and lots of Old Town is narrow and leaves it unsightly.

Dave Symons: I don’t like the bins left out.

Eric Fisher: I live in Summit Park and we don’t have this problem like Old Town.

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