Green Tips: Bees are all the buzz

After a long period of hibernating throughout the winter, bees are slowly starting to emerge

Miriam Flores
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After a long period of hibernating throughout the winter, bees are slowly starting to emerge as spring is now upon us. Spring is a crucial time for bees as colonies begin forming and new colonies appear again. As we face the climate change crisis, we now see a decline in pollinator species such as butterflies, flies, beetles, and, most importantly, our honey bees.

Research has shown that harmful pesticides such as carbaryl have been a factor in the decline of bees. However, the most significant impact of the decline is climate change caused by global warming.

Estimates have shown that around 75% of the crops we grow for food depend on pollinators to a certain extent. They play a prominent role in producing our food supply, so their protection needs to be a priority.

Listed below are ways you can help our bees this season:

  • Using natural or organic pest control solutions is a great way to stop using pesticides. Neem oil is an excellent option, or you can make a DIY insecticidal soap.
  • Don’t get rid of your dandelions, at least until they bloom. Dandelions are a food source for bees that provide pollen and nectar.
  • Planting native flowers that thrive in your region attracts bees to your garden. Creating a bee garden will attract not only bees but other pollinators as well.
  • Purchasing organic honey items from your local beekeepers. Local beekeepers ensure bees are well cared for and support bee population growth.

We can work together to help save the bees!

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