Guest editorial: Actually, not all neighbors dislike new Park City bus line in Thaynes Canyon |

Guest editorial: Actually, not all neighbors dislike new Park City bus line in Thaynes Canyon

In the Jan. 15-17 Park Record, Julie Breslin writes disparagingly of the new Blue bus line that goes north along Thaynes Canyon Drive. As a frequent rider, and a Thaynes Canyon resident, I must take umbrage with her speaking for the entire neighborhood. The routes now go both ways on Thaynes Canyon Drive, making it easier to commute by bus to and from both Park City Mountain Resort and Main Street.

I was delighted to see this new addition to the bus route, as were the neighbors I spoke with. Coming home from the resort without having to navigate S.R. 224 makes it so much easier. That U-turn at the Peaks Hotel was dicey for the bus drivers and somewhat hazardous in my opinion, but now that’s over, at least for the busy winter season.

She also takes issue with the noise pollution, but it’s winter and presumably we have our windows closed. I hear the buses in the summer but not so much in the winter. And as for the fumes she cites, one or two people each in a long line of cars is by no means a better environmental situation.

Getting people out of their cars during the busy Christmas, MLK, and Presidents Day weeks can only reduce the congestion. Not to mention that annual movie thing. What’s that called again? Oh yeah, Sundance. And can there be any doubt that PCMR will start charging for parking in the coming seasons? All the more reason to make the buses more convenient. And by the way it’ll make the property values of the houses along the bus route more valuable. That said with apologies to my friends not on the bus route.

As for the noise, I wrote to the city suggesting they use the quieter electric buses in residential neighborhoods where they would reduce noise pollution, and that seemed to be happening for a while. Informal observation suggests not so much anymore.

Breslin opines that the new route only helps a small percentage of weekend tourists, but again, I’m a local and a frequent rider. Seven days a week and not just weekends. As for her complaint about speeding, I’ve not noticed this, and as a retired police officer, I assure you I would. Navigating the streets when walking is certainly a problem, as there are no sidewalks in many neighborhoods, but the buses makes this problem no worse. It’s the cars being driven by tourists that raise the hairs on the back of my neck. Especially those “Dancers” from L.A.

She wraps the new water treatment plant construction into the conversation, but that is really a whole other issue. I agree that it’s been a hardship for those of us living along Three Kings, but poison water is certainly a more concerning issue.

And Julie, you offer other neighborhoods the option of taking our bus route, but I say you might want to survey your neighbors before giving our stuff away. The neighbors around me and I all think it’s great.

See ‘ya on the bus.

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