Guest editorial: Amid gun debate, reader poses question: Is it time to ban knives? |

Guest editorial: Amid gun debate, reader poses question: Is it time to ban knives?

Did you see the headline saying that London’s murder rate recently overtook that of NYC, largely due to an increase in stabbings? Time to ban knives? If there were no knives, there would be fewer murders, right?

Perhaps we should start with a specific class of Knives — butcher knives. Who, but a real butcher, needs a butcher knife? They were invented hundreds of years ago at a time in which farmers butchered their own food. No one does that anymore. We buy our meat at the grocery store, already cut to size. Another class of knives that serve no purpose is pocket knives. They can be easily concealed and therefor represent a significant threat. No one needs to carry a concealed knife. Restaurants supply knives to their customers and individuals don’t need to bring their own. Perhaps we should limit knife use to customers in restaurants.

At the very least, we need complete knife registration. We need to know who is buying and who owns knives. After all, we force people to register their cars. We even have to register our dogs. One would think that knives are much more dangerous than driving and walking our dogs. We could even force people to pass background checks when they buy one.

Did you realize that highly accurate studies from reputable sources have shown that some families have as many as 10 or more knives? Who needs 10 knives?

At the very least, we should limit sharp edges to one per knife. No one needs both sides to be sharp at the same time. You can’t cut meat with both sides at the same time. Obviously, double edged knives are used only for stabbing.

If we can’t eliminate all knives, perhaps we could ban the sale of sharpening stones. Without the ability to sharpen them, knives would be too dull to penetrate the skin.

Another option would be to prosecute the companies that manufacture knives when they are used to kill. Manufacturers must admit at least some responsibility in what is happening. They have to know that some of their knives will kill. Shame on Buck, Wusthof, J.A. Henckels, Korin, and Cutco!

Long term, why not simply confiscate all knives or initiate buyback programs to get them off the street? Once we know who owns them, it shouldn’t be that difficult to make them illegal and threaten owners with felony convictions if they fail to turn theirs in. There are way too many in use today to just stop the sale of new knives. We have to do something to get the millions of them that already exist, off the streets.

We would be better off if there were no knives. It is unacceptable to idly sit by when so many people are being stabbed! How about a march on Parliament? Maybe we can even use children to protest because nothing pulls at the public’s heartstrings more than having articulate children march (even though adults organize, fund, transport, and televise the protests). Something must be done to end the knife killings!

We have to do something!

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