Guest editorial: Article about Park City Council candidate was an attempt to smear the right |

Guest editorial: Article about Park City Council candidate was an attempt to smear the right

Michael Smith
Park Meadows

Even in the face of clear evidence to the contrary (the so-called “Squad” and the policies of the Democrat presidential hopefuls), the Democratic Party rejects the generalization of their stance as “socialist” and yet The Park Record seems to think it is acceptable to smear “the right” by generalizing the views of a Park City Council candidate to all Republicans — and on the top of the front page, no less.

I am not personally acquainted with Mr. Chadwick Fairbanks III, but I can believe him when he says (as quoted in the article) that he registered as a Republican “because that’s the most pragmatic way to get things done in Utah.” Of Mr. Fairbanks’ beliefs, he seems to be much more of a libertarian bent. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just that the 10-12% of the electorate who self-identify as libertarians (and the even smaller 1-2% who traffic in conspiracy theories) do not represent the sum total of the “right” as this article would seem to have the readers believe, nor is everyone on the “right” a conspiracy theorist.

In the same edition, in an article by the same reporter, The Record felt comfortable uncritically reporting on Ed Parigian, refusing to label him as a left-wing City Council candidate favoring defying constitutional prerogatives of immigration enforcement by becoming a “sanctuary city,” opposing the question of citizenship on the census, and stating that our local police department should not cooperate with federal officials in the enforcement of federal law.

I also do not personally know Mr. Parigian — I trust he is an honorable man — but his views are not necessarily mainstream views. Several recent polls have indicated that a plurality of Americans, including Hispanic Americans, favor border enforcement and compliance with current law. One might conclude from this that Mr. Parigian is also a “fringe” candidate, but The Record seems to think such definitions are inappropriate in his case. I would assume since open borders are now a basic tenet of the American progressive left, it didn’t seem “extreme” at all to the paper. The Record might be shocked to learn that libertarians also favor open borders.

What was done by The Record to people of conscience who favor conservativism and classical liberalism was unfair and, frankly, a front-page illustration of yellow journalism, and it was done with the express purpose to paint conservativism with a broad brush of being a wing-nut conspiracy theorist. If one wishes to see true conspiracy theorists at work, I would direct their attention to the actions of the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees and their chairmen, Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff.

The New York Times recently noted that the Democratic Party is three parties and the main driver of “social justice,” open borders and socialism are the third of the Party that are rich, white and liberal (i.e. progressive). Such is our town. My family has lived in Park City since the early ’90s and we have reconciled ourselves to the fact that the collectivist economic and social urges of progressivism runs rampant in the middle of one of the richest towns in America, one built from good old capitalism. We also recognize that the absence of a conservative voice in this newspaper means only the voice of progressivism is heard.

This is “just” a City Council election, but it illustrates a larger trend. To smear half of America through some sort of guilt by association crosses both moral and ethical lines. To do what The Record did damages rational, honest discourse, the institution of journalism and the reputation of the paper itself.

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