Guest editorial: Assertion that buses on Three Kings Drive don’t add to the danger is false |

Guest editorial: Assertion that buses on Three Kings Drive don’t add to the danger is false

Editor’s note: This is a response to a guest editorial in the Jan. 25-28 edition titled “There are many who appreciate new bus line in Thaynes Canyon, despite what letter said.”

Mr. Kenny Levine, instead of writing an intelligent, fact-filled opposition to my letter (one held by all of those who live on the affected area of Three Kings), you launched into a personal attack on me. We have never met. Since your scathing editorial, my neighbors have pointed you and your location out to me.

You reside on Three Kings Court, not the affected area of Three Kings. I am sure the neighbors you “interviewed” love the northbound bus as well. Three Kings Court is a lovely secluded enclave removed from the subject buses.

You have never been seen at any informational meetings geared to disseminate correct information to this neighborhood. If you had, you would know that the water leaving the current water plant has passed EPA standards for human consumption and is not “poisoned water” as you claim.

After speaking to officials at the water project, I indeed must “wrap” them into the discussion. If you stayed in touch with spokespersons, you would know they are against the additional buses. Very soon, hundreds of cement trucks will be traveling this route. The buses will complicate their arrival and departure, with potential gridlock on our residential street.

Being a former police officer does not make you an expert on speeding. My family and my neighbors walk in fear of all vehicles traveling here at high rates of speed. Have you ever had a bus honk at you because you are forced to walk in the middle of the street? Have you ever had anyone flip you off as they are whipping around you on a snow-covered street? Have you ever tried to walk a dog, walk the elderly, walk a small child on Three Kings? My guess is no.

Mr. Levine, your comment that the buses make Three Kings no more dangerous than cars is false. The street width of 22 feet diminished by an additional 2 feet in the winter with 2-by-8.5-foot wide buses leaves a total of 3 feet from snow bank to snow bank to navigate on foot with buses. I will take the 6-foot cars thank you.

For years our southbound bus served us well. It took an additional 10 minutes to reach the exact same stop as you use. So sir, that 10-minute ride so inconvenienced you that you are in favor of riding an empty bus, to your private home, on your exclusive street at the expense of your neighbors enduring the 90 buses and the consequences.

Hundreds of people vital to our workforce would greatly benefit these buses. They would serve the many over the whims of the few. I use the southbound bus, and have for decades. Thank you to transportation for this. But we don’t need to double the amount on a rarely used route.

Mr. Levine you quote, “by the way, it’ll make the property values of the houses along the bus route more valuable,” revealing your true motive.

Sir, I suggest you walk a mile in my shoes before making personal attacks. Maybe just walk a mile!

Oh and I would love to meet the “‘Dancers’ from L.A.” you refer to. They sound like a lot more fun!

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