Guest editorial: Canice Harte has my vote for County Council |

Guest editorial: Canice Harte has my vote for County Council

Vicky Fitlow
Silver Creek

On June 30, Summit County voters will elect a council member for the open Seat C on the Summit County Council. Canice Harte has my vote. While his resume, experience and accomplishments are well-known and impressive, I will vote for Canice because of the person I know him to be.

Canice and his wife, Katy Wang, and their two daughters, have lived in Summit County for 14 years. For all of that time, Canice has been actively involved in the Summit County community, as an entrepreneur, a volunteer, a leader, an outdoorsman and, for the past seven years, as a member, vice-chair and chair of the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission. He is the only candidate (and if elected he would be the only council member) who has children attending public schools in Summit County, and who has started and run two successful outdoor recreation businesses based in Summit County.

These are unusual times, and this has been an unusual campaign. Ordinarily, candidates would engage in extensive voter outreach efforts, which in our community means getting out and meeting people and talking with them face-to-face. Obviously, this has not been possible during this campaign. I have had the honor of knowing Canice personally and professionally throughout his many years in Summit County. If the times were different, I would gladly have held campaign events for Canice, inviting voters into my home to get to know the candidate on a personal level. Because that has not been possible, let me take the opportunity to share with you what I know about Canice.

Canice is an extraordinary human. He leads with compassion, humility and an eagerness to listen and learn that is unusual. He has demonstrated honor and integrity. These traits are crucial to the cross-community coalition-building that is key to membership on the County Council. He is surrounded by and supportive of strong women, both personally and professionally. As important as it is to have women in positions of leadership, it is of equal importance to have people in place who will listen to voices different from their own. In observing Canice as a business owner, civic leader, military veteran and passionate distance runner, I have appreciated his work ethic, his commitment to doing what is right, even when it is difficult or unpopular, and his tirelessness (literally — he never gets tired!).

As a local lawyer and as a citizen, I have witnessed Canice’s work on the Planning Commission. I have been particularly impressed by his thoughtfulness and his quiet, steady demeanor. Even in the face of heated discussions and passionate testimony before the commission, Canice has never lost his cool, displaying one of the many traits he developed as an active-duty Marine. The Marine Corps’ core values are “Honor, Courage and Commitment.” Canice Harte embodies those values as much as anyone I have ever served with or known.

Much of the success of our community’s recovery from this pandemic will be determined by our local leaders. Summit County faces unprecedented economic challenges. The steady hand of experience, along with demonstrated business acumen, will be important to how well our community recovers. Canice has the right experience to help guide Summit County through the next four years and beyond. He will make an excellent member of the Summit County Council.

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