Guest editorial: Corporate America should step up for federal workers |

Guest editorial: Corporate America should step up for federal workers

Greed by the financial institutions on Wall Street caused the recession of 2008. It was the American taxpayer that eventually bailed them out in order to restore their financial insolvency. Now is the time that corporations can come to the aid of 800,000 laid off or furloughed federal employees in a humanitarian manner.

If a major financial institution like Wells Fargo were to introduce a procedure to delay without any penalty monthly mortgage payment requirements for federal workers, other institutions would inevitably follow its lead.

If a major credit card company like American Express would delay without penalty their monthly charge bill, I am sure others would follow as well.

If a major grocery chain like Kroger would absorb federal workers’ food costs, others would follow.

If a major Pharmacy company like Lily would absorb prescription drug costs for the workers, I am sure other companies would soon follow its example.

The logistics of this gesture would not be difficult to administer. The unemployed federal worker would simply submit to the institution(s) or company(s) a copy of a past paycheck stub or some other identification to indicate that he or she is a valid federal worker.

Americans helping Americans during times of natural disasters are rather commonplace. But corporations coming to the aid of innocent victims caught between the politics of running a government would be unprecedented.

However, there is a more expeditious solution to the federal workers’ dilemma and it falls completely in the hands of two people; Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump. As you know the Senate unanimously passed a bipartisan bill to keep the government from shutting down prior to the Christmas holiday. The bill was presented by Mitch McConnell to the president and he promptly rejected signing it. Since then, McConnell has refused to bring any new bill to the president for fear that he would reject it as well.

The solution is simple: All Mitch McConnell has to do is follow his sworn oath to uphold the mandates as written in the Constitution by resubmitting the already bipartisan approved Senate bill to the president once again. If he vetoes the bill, it is then returned to the House and Senate for revision or Congress can vote to overturn his veto and the bill becomes law.

Lastly, President Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall on the southern border of the United States touting that Mexico would pay for its construction with a resounding “mark my words!” However, he now wants the American taxpayer to pay for the wall holding federal workers as hostages in a government shutdown in order to get Congress to approve over $5 billion for its construction. This bullying tactic should mark the end his presidency. “Mark My Words!”

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