Guest editorial: I love my community, fiercely, and want to continue serving it |

Guest editorial: I love my community, fiercely, and want to continue serving it

A lot has changed since I moved to Park City in 1992. Other than a McDonalds, there wasn’t much at Kimball Junction. Cows still occasionally crossed the road at the White Barn and there were two traffic lights.

But some things have not changed. Then, as now, many residents worried about being overwhelmed by development and traffic congestion, getting priced out and forced to move to more affordable towns, or chose to leave because too much was happening too quickly. Almost everyone shared the concern that, once discovered, powerful forces would attempt to brand, commercialize and monetize our local culture, the thing that makes Park City, well, Park City.

Then there’s the relationship with this town. For many of us it’s not transactional in nature. It’s based on connection between neighbors, interactions between residents and visitors, and engagement with experience which can only be called fundamentally authentic and honest.

And what I know about many Parkites is the same today as it was back in 1992. They are smart and savvy, will not stand for shenanigans, being bamboozled, nor specious arguments. They embrace hope and abundance over fear and scarcity, and don’t see electing their neighbors to represent them in local governance as “politics”.

What they do see as political, toxic and corruptive are disparaging text messages showing up on their phones, robo calls inciting fear, hired hacks sowing misinformation to cause distrust, dark money corrupting processes, and candidates who bow to the angriest voices, won’t take a clear position on where they stand, who they represent, or how to counter the powerful forces that threaten to overwhelm our town.

As a Council member I do not pretend to be able to make everyone happy nor will I pander by telling every group or person what I think they want to hear. I listen to and learn from every voice while also recognizing and acknowledging it is impossible to agree with every voice. I have the courage to speak hard truths and am committed to doing so. I provide people with accurate information, even when I know it will be upsetting to them, and trust them to make the most informed and best decision for their personal circumstances, values, and philosophies.

As a twice elected Council member I have a body of work that includes helping this community navigate the COVID pandemic, the preservation of Treasure Hill-Snow Ranch Pastures-Clark Ranch and Bonanza Flat, shifting our governments role from passive to active in order to build community, funding and planning multiple affordable housing projects, the purchase and repurposing of the Art & Culture District and directing the hospitality/tourism dividend toward community amenities and benefit while keeping full time resident taxes extremely low.

I stand for open space and trails, diversity-equity-and inclusion, affordable housing, community building, to protect, preserve and perpetuate Park City’s authentic local culture and as a counterweight to the powerful forces that threaten to commercialize, monetize, and overwhelm us. I do so with clarity, courage, and conviction.

I am honored to have been twice elected to Council. I have worked every day to earn the trust and confidence of Park City voters by accurately, honestly and authentically reflecting the majority perspective from the community during my deliberations and decisions as their representative.

We have a Council primary election August 10 to reduce the field of candidates from eight to four. I believe democracy is most powerful and impactful at the local level. Thank you for your consideration and I ask for your vote on the primary ballot.

I love where I live…and I do so fiercely!

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