Guest Editorial: Mayor Thomas endorses Andy Beerman |

Guest Editorial: Mayor Thomas endorses Andy Beerman

Jack Thomas
Park City mayor

Leadership today has its only apparent hope rising from the roots of our communities. We see very little propriety, competence or clear intentions from our national leaders. Egos and positional thinking are clearly in the way of getting things done. Aggression and words that wound are the norm. This behavior is an embarrassment to us all. Trust is what we are looking for and we cannot fall into a pattern of behavior that weakens us locally.

For me, the last four years have been a process of supporting this philosophy of trust and respect, while working with the community and city council to achieve our goals. The successes we have had required that we put aside our personal differences and work for the better good of the town. When I stepped into office back then I thought that it would be very difficult to work with the person who I campaigned against. I knew that it was a tremendous personal loss for Andy as it would be for anyone who puts himself on the line. To my surprise, he immediately reached out to work hard and put behind him whatever personal feelings he had. Since then we have worked together with the city council and the community to make decisions that I believe are substantial. They include clarifying our long term strategic goals (the complete community concept,) affordable housing, energy responsibility, transportation initiatives, building support for the Latino community, open space purchases (Bonanza Flat,) and laying the foundation for the Arts and Culture District. We have a lot more work to do on all these issues as well as others. Andy knows the job to be done and continues to be an objective advocate. We have agreed on most issues, but importantly when we have disagreed he was always respectful and never held a grudge. We have learned from each other’s perspectives and I think the community receives the benefit of our discussions. I know that each of us have become a better person because of the opportunity to work together. Andy has grown into a leader we can trust because his words are consistent with his actions and his actions are consistent with our town’s core values.

Supporting one candidate over another is personally very difficult for me, especially because I consider each to be a friend. They have both served this community well and with distinction. I understand that one will win and the other will lose, and writing this may impact the outcome. I do so because I believe it is for the better good of Park City. Ultimately, it is your choice. Whoever you elect as our next mayor hopefully will continue to support the efforts we have made toward a better and more complete community, and will do so with the dignity, integrity and trust that we fundamentally need.