Guest editorial: Mayoral candidate Andy Beerman understands challenges facing resort town employees |

Guest editorial: Mayoral candidate Andy Beerman understands challenges facing resort town employees

Parkite expresses her support of a mayoral candidate

Jennifer Franklin, Park City


My first week in Park City was 20 years ago – I stayed in the basement apartment of the Mountain Vineyard church. My first dinner was with Roger Harlan and Stacy Mather at Mount Aire Café. Later that week, I landed a room on Park Ave and three jobs – one for a ski pass, one for meals, and one for gear. I immersed myself in the authentic lifestyle offered in this community – I count those early connections as my most genuine and near to my heart.

Andy Beerman was my first manager at White Pine Touring. As a staff, we played soccer on Nordic skis, skinned Guardsman and skied what is now Deer Valley terrain (some of it was then too). Andy invested time and heart in energetic, feral, 20-somethings, fresh out of college and struggling to get a foothold in a ski town. A peer lived in his Mitsubishi — as a local who’s been in that place, Andy sought housing suggestions for the rest of us.

Andy is inclusive and compassionate. He has always been with us and for us, in this community we call home. I had my first PC Thanksgiving at Andy’s home with much of this group (admittedly with Wild Turkey accompanying our traditional poultry).

In my years of knowing Andy, I’ve observed him through challenging stages of his life — he is authentic and genuine. I appreciate his calm and capable manner. If you’ve found him aloof, too neutral, or seemingly too cerebral — it’s because he’s too busy listening.

Andy’s integrity and ability to collaborate and to build win-win situations is second to none. Through my service on Citizens Open Space Advisory Committee (COSAC), Recreation Advisory Board (RAB) and currently the Board of Adjustment (BOA), I’ve observed and worked with elected officials and City staff over a decade and a half. He’s not brash or divisive – Andy is kind, patient and fair.

In 2014 Jack Thomas was elected Mayor; Andy Beerman, who had run against Thomas, remained on the council and to many, it seemed we “got to keep Andy” – it was “a 2 for 1.” While two-for-ones are delightful coupon offerings, it’s not the best way to choose a Mayor.

The Mayor sets the course for the community. Andy is visionary, not about “we will not,” but how to guide a community. He focuses on the heart of genuine community – healthy environment, access to recreation, historic preservation, and the fun that makes us who we are. These core values drive the economy and our community strength.

Andy Beerman consciously and intentionally serves the citizens of this community like he guides and climbs – with diligent, meticulous cadence, collaboration, and thoughtfulness. Anticipate, assess, and continue. There is no waste. He is not erratic; he is engaged and invested. Andy’s heart and soul are engaged in (t)his community – always had been.

I encourage this readership to get to know Andy and his vision for our Park City community as I do. As a city council member, he’s actively sought citizen input and this Council engages with the community, more so than any other (e.g., Coffee with Council, Après with Council). His record and accomplishments on our behalf are genuine and proven.

Check the record; seek the facts. If you have questions, ask him. Ask his fellow Councilors or anyone who’s served on Council with either candidate. Andy is approachable and engaged – the head and heart of our community. Take as much time listening to him as he does for us.

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