Guest editorial: Nann Worel is a leader |

Guest editorial: Nann Worel is a leader

Alex Cimos
Park City

Park City’s future comes down to leadership. We have significant issues facing our community that will greatly affect our sense of community, lifestyle, and way of life. They will only increase in number and potential impact to us over time. Our town’s primary function, before all, is as a home and community for its full-time residents. The decisions we make now will dictate our qualitative satisfaction with life in Park City for as long as our families choose to live here.

As permanent residents, we should have a seat at the table. While Andy may have some good ideas, not all of them are in accordance with the wishes of our citizens. A good leader understands that they are just a representative of the constituency. We cannot have a figurehead who views their office as endorsement to enact their personal agenda, or who uses the taxpayer’s purse as a personal fund for their causes, no matter how righteous. That is the antithesis leadership.

A good leader lays out an orderly plan and follows its steps methodically. Creating a toxic dustbowl in Bonanza Park before we have funding or even a plan, or shuffling piles of mine tailings about before we have had a public discussion are warning flags of arrogant governance.

Our growth issues are not limited to Park City alone. What happens in Park City affects those living in Summit County and what happens in our sister communities will affect us, too. Our issues are now regional and we need to include those communities in our discussions. At the moment, there is no conversation or sharing of plans and information with any of these communities. That is not leadership. A good leader will always strive to open and maintain dialog even if they fundamentally disagree with their counterparts.

Leadership is a special skill. You have it or you don’t. In some cases, it can be developed, but that takes time. Even if Andy recognized the need for change, of which I am doubtful, we don’t have time for leadership in training. The issues that face us are immediate and of too great importance to dither.

On Monday, I had an opportunity to meet and talk with Nann Worel. I listened to her ideas and spoke with her concerning her philosophy of governance. Nann is a leader! She gets it. Nann understands a leader’s role as a representative of those who give her the power to serve them. She understands team building, and she understands accountability. Please vote for Park City’s future and Nann Worel as our mayor.

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